Watchlist: Top 5 Farmers on Clapper

It doesn’t take much time to realize that there are so many people and communities on Clapper. Just a few minutes of scrolling will show you art, politics, comedians, reaction videos, cooking, gardening, viral news – it’s honestly a little mindboggling! With so much to celebrate on the app, we wanted to start a series to help you explore what the Clapper Fam has to offer. Watchlist is a monthly collection of creators to help you explore a specific Clapper niche, and this week we’re highlighting our Top Farmers.

Clapper OG: @WrightFamilyFarms

@WrightFamilyFarms has been on Clapper since the beginning. A lot of his content is educational, helping us learn more about his “mooples”. But he also posts content about running the family farm and taking care of all the animals. We love learning about farming little by little with him…even if we don’t have a Clapper farm (yet).

Dose of Positivity: @ZenMamaLlama

@ZenMamaLlama is a breast cancer survivor with an incredible story. She’s used her experience as a tool to help others and remind everyone to be thankful for what they have. On her profile, she posts daily gratitude and affirmation moments, each sprinkled with a little snippet about her farm life. We love her wisdom and her humor!

That’s a Farm?!: @Alaskan.Oyster.Farmer

Did y’all know oysters are farmed? We didn’t either! That’s just one reason why we love @Alaskan.Oyster.Farmer.  He shares a variety of content, from cute animals, daily farm chores, and even some humor thrown in! Every time we come across one of his videos we aren’t sure what to expect – but we are never disappointed.

A Mooing Good Time: @Bigcountryky91.2

@Bigcountryky91.2 is a cattle farmer who posts the kind of farming content we all love. Cows. He shares day-in-the-life snippets, funny moments, and some of the highs and lows of working with cattle. And lots of cows. They brighten our day every time, and we aren’t sure how he resists scratching their foreheads every second!

Clapper Newbie: @HobsonHomestead

@HobsonHomestead joined Clapper back in March and has been sharing content since. Marcus/Maniac posts about homestead projects, his time as a trucker, and even shares advice or hacks for his followers. We feel like an uncle is showing us around his farm each time we see one of his posts!

Thank you for joining us for this month’s installment of Watchlist: Top 5 Farmers on Clapper! Give these creators a follow and be sure to thank them for their service. To check out our Top 5 Veterans, read last month’s Watchlist.