Watchlist: Top 5 Fitness Creators on Clapper

It doesn’t take much time to realize that there are so many people and communities on Clapper. Just a few minutes of scrolling will show you art, politics, comedians, reaction videos, cooking, gardening, viral news – it’s honestly a little mindboggling! With so much to celebrate on the app, we wanted to start a series to help you explore what the Clapper Fam has to offer. Watchlist is a monthly collection of creators to help you explore a specific Clapper niche, and this week we’re highlighting our top fitness creators.


Reka is a personal trainer, fitness studio owner, and an EMT, so she’s almost over-qualified to be making fitness content. Regardless, we’re happy to have her! Reka posts content constantly, either sharing her favorite recipes or breaking down some small exercises. If you want to learn something specific, she’s got you covered, too. Just drop a comment and ask for help.


Whether you’re just starting yoga or you’re a yogi-in-training, @YogaTips will help you perfect your practice. His videos breakdown individual movements and show you how to get the most out of each pose. His earlier content also showed targeted movements to help with specific trouble-spots, and harder moves for more advance yoga lovers.


Clare is living proof that you can be in unbelievable shape no matter your age! A lot of her content is catered to women over 50, but it will inspire you no matter where you’re at on your fitness journey. Not only does she share her fitness tips and healthy recipes, but she breaks down the science of weight loss into easy to follow points and shares funny videos about fitness or aging.


Julio is a personal trainer with a Master’s in nutrition. His videos breakdown important questions out fitness and weight loss into small, digestible bites. He covers topics like over prioritizing muscles, calorie deficits, and choosing a fitness plan. Julio even takes us through some of his favorite workouts, like belt squats – which are both terrifying and impressive! He’ll give you the tools you need to develop the perfect fitness plan for you.


FitStem is a US Army vet and police officer turned personal trainer. Each of his videos targets a specific body part, giving you exercises to help you achieve your fitness. He also busts common fitness myths, like ab cream and whether or not to eat after midnight. We love his style: it’s a mix of aggressive and understanding. (And we love that he shows himself sweating and pushing through a hard set. It makes us feel better for struggling!)

Thank you for joining us for this month’s installment of Watchlist: Top 5 Fitness Creators on Clapper! Give these creators a follow and be sure to thank them for their service. To check out our Top 5 Artists, read last month’s Watchlist.