How to Submit an Appeal

At Clapper, we’re constantly evaluating ourselves to ensure every feature of the app is as easy to use as possible. From downloading to withdrawing, we never want to see our creators struggle. And in one of our most recent updates, we’ve added a new, small feature to make using Clapper even easier. Creators can now appeal flagged or banned videos through a form directly in the app. Instead of having to email or DM one of our official accounts, you can now submit an appeal through your notifications.

In this article, we’ll be walking you through the process of submitting an appeal through our new form. First, you’ll be notified that your video has been flagged. There’s two ways that you could receive this notification, depending on how you personally navigate Clapper.

Method One: The Notification 🔔

When one of your videos is flagged or taken down for violating community guidelines, you’ll receive a notification. This will appear in your notifications tab and will link to the exact video that was flagged.

Method Two: The Flag 🔴

You can also see the flag over the video on your profile. If you have a flagged video, a little red flag will appear in the top right corner. This way, taken down videos will still appear on your profile for you to see and review, but no one else will be able to.

Starting the Appeal 📝

When you click on the flagged video, a full-screen notification will pop up. It will say

“This video was taken down

This video was taken down due to “violation of the community guidelines”. You can delete it or you can appeal if you have further questions.”

You can either delete the whole video or begin the appeal process. Once you delete a video, you cannot appeal the violation.

Appeal Reason 📷

In this section, please explain why you’re appealing the video. Keep your explanation brief and concise, but do provide as many details as possible to help with this process. This is the place to tell us why this video shouldn’t be banned: if it was flagged for nudity, explain there is none. If you make SFX art and your video was flagged for violence or gore, explain that it’s all make up and it’s fake. Share anything that will help us review and approve your video.

Once the Video is Submitted 📥

Our moderation team will review evaluate your appeal in two business days. If you do not hear back about your video in one week, please DM @ClapperCreator or @ClapperAcademy so we can look into it. As a note, you can only appeal a video twice. If you are stuck down a second time, you cannot make another appeal attempt on that same video.

What if I Don’t Appeal? 🙅

That’s fine! You do not have to submit an appeal on a flagged video. While we have a great AI system that catches inappropriate content (and users that aren’t afraid to help out!) sometimes it can catch content that should not have been flagged. This is a failsafe to allow creators who’s videos have been falsely reported to get them back on the FYP.

What is the Appeal Process? 🪜

When you submit your appeal, our moderation team receives a notification. They are sent the video and all the information you submitted, and one of our team members reviews it themselves. They’ll watch your video, take a look at the appeal, and review the community guidelines your video is supposed to have violated. This gives them a full picture for the appeal and makes the ruling a little easier. They should review and respond to your notification in about two business days, but we recommend waiting seven before you reach out.

Check out this tutorial from @ClapperAcademy to learn more!

What if Something Else Gets Flagged? 🙋

If something else is flagged – like a Livestream or Radio – you can appeal it by emailing Our moderation team will see your message and begin the review process. Just provide the same information you would in the form!

To learn more about our community guidelines and keep your videos from being flagged, review our mega community guidelines article. You can also reach out to @ClapperCreator or @ClapperAcademy (or on Instagram or Facebook at @TheClapperApp) with any further questions about the process!