Clapper’s Spooky Stories Showdown

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year. Last year we loved our Spooky Fashion Fest, but for Halloween 2023 we want to hear your spooky stories!

Spooky Stories on Clapper 😱

Get ready to spook us with your storytelling! The Clapper team is hosting our first scary story contest. Post a video sharing your scariest story for the chance to become the Pumpkin King or Pumpkin Queen. Will you be one of the creators that conjure up a winning tale?

The Rules 🎃

  1. Post a video sharing your spookiest story. BUT you have to stop your story halfway through.
  2. Use the hashtags #SpookyStoryiesand #Halloween to be entered into the competition.
  3. Viewers will vote on their favorite videos (and which they want to hear the rest of) by sending them a pumpkin gift. You can vote for as many videos as you’d like.
  4. The Clapper team will review the videos and tally the gifts. The winners will be the three videos with the most pumpkin gifts!

The winners will be announced on October 23rd and invited to finish their stories on a Spooky Stories Radio on October 26th. Check out our spooky stories video for a little inspiration!

Some Clapper Team Tips! 🐈‍⬛

  • Keep in mind the audience has to vote on your video in order to win. Try to make a video that’s enticing for your audience. Keep it short (or as short as you can) but still create a full narrative.
  • Don’t worry if your video isn’t 100% spooky. It can be funny, too! Keep it true to you and your content.
  • Set the scene, if you can! Find a spooky place to record, turn down the lights, even get a little background music if you want.

Clapper Talks Radios ☠️

On October 19th, we’ll be hosting a special Clapper Talks interview with one of our spookiest creators. These interview will help you get into the Halloween spirit and maybe give you a little inspiration for your own spooky stories!

Join the Conversation 🛸

Use the hashtags #SpookyStories and #Halloween to keep up with Halloween shenanigans all across the app.

We’ve also got three new Halloween gifts you can send to your favorite creators. Serve up tricks and/or treats with our cauldron gift, or share some classic spooks with our planchette gift.