Clapper Spooky Fashion Fest

Our Spooky Fashion Fest was one for the books. Clapper hosted a spooky fashion show where creators dressed in costume and PK Battle with Clapper Creator showed their best runway walk. Some creators did unique face paints such as Frankenstein, a zombie, or a clown, others had whole outfits tailored for this event. The creativity and commitment were evident as the first participants started strutting their walk. 

We held spooky awards for spooky king and queen, scariest outfit, sassiest walk, and community favorite. The last one was decided upon the number of diamonds received by each participant in their PK Battle round. The person with the strongest community would receive the most gifts and ultimately receive the Community Favorite Award. But first, let’s recap on who was part of this spooky fashion show.

The Unlucky ParticipantsūüĎĽ

@Rogue_ as a zombie bride

@LifeofLinna as a demon succubus

@CookieNotHate as the grim reaper

@Queenager as kinkerbell… with her own personal stairs

@Donkaaay as Scooby Doo

@Lori_LGB_FJB as red, white, and blue

@Momsesh as a witch and her coven family

@DAWN2.0 as a zombie queen

@RebellDawn as a lady Frankenstein

@Unstoppableme_2004 as a chicken

@BlooberryBaggens as a clown succubus

@JuniperJenn as a pumpkin queen

@Kristie.Kristie as a wolf and her personal ghost

@Jerzygator as a gator woman with an Рactual Рpet gator!

@Freakin_Quinn as a scary clown

@Gangster_granny as a monster buried in the graveyard

@Texaschuck as a light-up dancer with wings

@SfxRobert as a beast

Musical PerformancesūüéÉ

Emma Hunt is an indie musician with hauntingly beautiful songs. She was our first performer and came up dressed as a mystical deer with a magical colorful background. Emma has been a Clapper favorite in our last events and she’s currently participating in British Got Talent. Go, Emma!

Clarissa Diokno recently came into Clapper with a beautiful voice and powerful original music. She just released the song Haunted this October, and it really gave the audience goosebumps in the best possible way. She performs as if she is a storyteller and the audience was bewitched by her haunting lyrics. Also, she brought some Pirates of the Caribbean vibes to our Livestream and we live for it!

Ariel Ryder or Songparrot is a long-time Clapper powerhouse. Her voice and improvisation skills are out of this world and she fills the room with her strength and passion. Ariel enchanted us with her original songs and covers, as well as doing her amazing comment improv. She performs songs out of people’s comments in the chat, which has become part of her brand. Not only she is a talented singer, but she knows how to keep her audience engaged and validated!

Award WinnersūüŹÜ

It wasn’t easy to choose from so much talent and commitment, but after some deliberation, we got our winners. Let us present to you our Spooky Fashion Fest winner of 2022:

Scariest Costume Award goes to…

Sassiest Walk¬†Award goes to…

Spooky King¬†Award goes to…

Spooky Queen¬†Award goes to…

Community Favorite¬†Award (with 11k diamonds in one PK Battle) goes to…

Congratulations to all participants! Hope you all had fun this spooky season and we’ll see you again next year with more Halloween activities.