Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Clapper

This month, we’ve been highlighting creators on and off Clapper that have been struggling with breast cancer. Through Live and Radio panels and limited edition gifts, we’ve been able to help raise awareness and shine a light on these inspiring stories. In this article, we’ll be recapping the campaign, the creators involved, and how all of us were able to make an impact.

Keep your eyes peeled on @ClapperCreator and @Clapper. We’ll be announcing how much we’ve been able to donate to EBeauty later this week!

Our Creators’ Experiences 💕

Throughout this article, we’ll include quotes from our Breast Cancer Awareness Panel. We were so glad some of our creators joined us to share their experiences. While we normally keep panels exclusive, we wanted to honor their bravery and help any other creators who may be struggling with this disease.

The Final Livestream 🎥

We’ll be going Live one last time to host a benefit concert. On November 1st at 5pm for a creator panel and several inspiring musical performances!  Join us on @ClapperCreator’s Live to end Breast Cancer Awareness month on a high note.

Spreading Awareness

I talk about breast cancer awareness all the time. I’m an early detection story and all of my stuff got caught in Stage Zero or Stage One. My insurance and out of pocket were paid up, so I was able to get everything taken out and replaced. That’s what saved me, so I talk about it all the time. There are a lot of things that I didn’t know were going to happen to me, so I talk about that too. With the medication I’m on, I’m currently going through memory loss and some other stuff, so i talk about all of that. I want people to talk about it.

– @HiPpiEcHiKcKiE

Meet EBeauty 🎙️

We are so excited to work with EBeauty for this campaign! Their mission is to provide women going through chemotherapy with wigs, and they run the only wig exchange network. Hair is a fundamental piece of beauty and identity for many women, and losing it is often the first visible sign of their battle with cancer. Wigs range in cost from $700 – $5,000 and many insurances do not cover the cost. Combined with mounting medical bills, affording a wig can be difficult for many women in chemotherapy.

In the last 10 years, 60,000 women have received wigs thanks to EBeauty’s Wig Exchange Program. By sending an BCA gift this month, creators have helped provide wigs and community support for women with cancer.

On the Importance of Hair

I’ve always said that your hair is your superpower. If you have a bad day, sometimes you just need a hair appointment: if you have a great hair day, you have a great day. Being able to separate yourself form that physical attribute and say “I’m more than just my hair” is so important.


The Creators 🫶🏻

Thank you to all of the incredible creators that helped make this campaign uplifting, educational, and unforgettable.

Find Your Community: They Want to Help

There’s a lot of support out there. That’s one thing that I was overwhelmingly emotional about. The amount of support I’ve been given has been amazing. Find that support group and find your people. It’s a club nobody wants to belong to, but it’s a club that’s very warm and welcoming and supportive.

– @Emmyrbennett

Raise Awareness All Year 🎀

Though October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, breast cancer sadly doesn’t end in October. There are things you can do all year long to raise awareness. Check yourself regularly and learn more about mammograms. Know your family history and research other potential risk factors. Above all else, listen to the stories of people who struggle with breast cancer.