How To Get More Views On Clapper Livestreams

Livestream can be a great way to develop a personal connection with your audience. If you have checked our guide to go live like a pro and you still not getting enough views, we’ve got you covered. To get more views in your Livestreams follow this simple reccomendations:

Build Your Fan Base On Clapper🧡🆕

Make sure you spend enough time building a big enough audience. The more content you create and the more people you interact with in the app, the bigger your audience will be. Remember, the key is to be as active in the app as you can. Build up that community.

The online capacity of the group has been expanded to 3000 people. If your group has a limit on the number of people, please DM @clappercreator.

Duel Is A Must To Increase Viewings👀

Duel can bring a different conversational style to you Live. This helps you interact with fans and create an interesting debate that your followers can enjoy. This feature can increase the interactivity of the live broadcast room and get more views.

Regular And Relatively Fixed Live Broadcast Time⏰

Decide on a fixed time period to do your broadcasts. If you form a set schedule every week, your followers will be most likely to show up. You need to have a set a time to inform about upcoming lives and a set a notification for before the broadcast. Live streaming every day is something that we strongly recommend.

Also, each live broadcast should last more than 30 minutes. Keep the live broadcast time long enough to allow more followers to enter the live broadcast room.

Notify Followers To Get More Views🚨

In the first 10 minutes after you start the broadcast, tap “notify” in the live broadcast room to let your followers know you’re live streaming.

This feature is very important, it can inform your followers in real time of your content plan.

Remember, do not turn off the broadcast immediately after sending the push notification. This will build trust with your fans.

Share On Social Media🤳🏼

You can share your live broadcast link to other social platforms like Facebook, Ins, TikTok, Twitter and invites them to participate in your live broadcast. Putting the URL in your other platforms will definitely make your Live get more views.

Invite Your Fans To Share🗣👤

On Clapper, viewers can share the broadcast to their Clapper group. Invite them to share it with their friends and followers. Create a big chain of networking.

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