How to go live on clapper

How To Go Live On Clapper App Like A Pro

Livestreams are designed to make a more intimate connections with your followers on Clapper. It’s an opportunity to show your day-to-day life and who you are as a person. We’ve brainstormed on a few ideas to make your Live experience the best it can be. If you want to have a successful Livestream, follow this simple steps:

1. Plan Ahead

First of all, you must have a plan. Don’t just press a button and stand in silence looking at the screen, make it fun and decide what you will share with your audience. Some important things to consider are the time, location, and content of the live broadcast.

  1. Time
    • Live broadcast in a relatively fixed time period. You need to help your fans develop the habit of watching your Lives and that is by setting a schedule. Set a specific time of the day or a specific day of the week to do your Lives – The more often, the better. It is recommended that the duration of each broadcast should not be less than 30 minutes. Keep the time long enough to allow more followers to enter the Live room.
  2. Location📍
    • You can be in your living room, your kitchen, at the office, or even a farm. Chose the location where you feel most comfortable at, or where you feel your content will be shown better. If you must do it in your car, we only ask that you don’t Clap and drive!
  3. Content🗣
    • The content of the live broadcast can be influenced by your location. Your audience wants to watch the real you and a life-like display. You can plan your Live content according to the time of the day as well. For example:
  • During the day, live broadcast your work or creative routine.
  • In the evening, you can chat with the audience, live broadcast your talents, and share gatherings with friends
  • You can also have dinner time, and have dinner online with your fans.

Types Of Content:

  • Drawing/ making art
  • Show your cooking skills
  • You have a cute pet? Show little Spike on camera
  • Playing musical instruments/ singing
  • Dancing/ fitness
  • Magic/ puppet show
  • Unpacking a product
  • Fashion show/ makeup tutorials


Titles are everything! Set a title consistent with the content of the Live to attract viewers. The title of your Live should be simple and clear, so that it is easier read and remember. Too many symbols and emojis are easy to be missed.

2. Promote Your live

A few ways to promote your Livestream:

  1. Publish a short video before the broadcast.
    • When viewers see the video you posted, a special icon will appear on your avatar to show that you are live streaming. They can enter the live broadcast room directly through your short video. 
  2. Share this video on other platforms.
    • On Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter or Instagram, preview your live broadcast time in advance and invite your fans to clapper to participate.
  3. Promote your Live’s time and content on your bio.
  4. Share your profile.
    • Go to the the upper right corner of your profile page to share it. When the broadcast starts, your profile page will directly become the entrance to your live broadcast room. Notify your followers 10 minutes before you start the broadcast.
  5. Click notify in the upper right corner of the Live room, tab PUSH to invite your fans to the room.
    • Do not turn off the broadcast immediately after sending the push, otherwise your followers will not be able to enter your Live room through PUSH.

3. Go Live

  • Interactive chat
    • You are welcome to sit in front of the camera, talk about your life, family, children, pets, share your family’s food, or talk about interesting topics.
    • Go to your friend’s live broadcast room to apply to become a Dual and livestream with them.
    • You can reply to comments, answer audience questions, receive gifts or shoutout people in the live broadcast.
  • Attract audience and interaction
    • Invite the audience chat or even sing together, to make the live broadcast lively and fun. Your viewers can actually send you gifts if they want for your good content and attitude.
  • Prompt new friends to follow you.
    • This way you can notify new friends next time you start broadcasting.
  • Offer prizes and games
    • Prepare an interactive game, prepare small gifts or prizes for the audience in the live broadcast room, and fans who meet the game standards can get the prizes provided by you

Things To Keep In Mind:


Natural light will always be the best light source for videos. Try to always be facing a window or consider doing it outdoors if the weather permits it. If not, any lighting tool would do the trick. If none of that works try to be in the most illuminated room of the house or office.

Phone Angles 🤳🏼

It is recommended that you spend some time adjusting your phone angle, so that the audience can see you better. The audience prefers to see your front, not the side or a certain part of the room (unless you’re showing the viewers something specific).

If you are working on artistic creation or doing an action shot you can shoot yourself and your work at the same time, by backing up and setting your phone on a tough surface. Consider using your headphones if you plan to go too far so we can still hear you.

Phone Shaking📳

Use a tripod or put your phone on a sturdy surface to avoid any shaking movements while you do the Live. It can be distracting, so keep it stable.

Noisy Environment🗣

Choose a comfortable place to broadcast live that is relatively quiet. Background noise could distract you and your audience. Keep that in mind when choosing a location.

You now know all the tips and tricks to be the best streamer on Clapper. Try to follow this guidelines and we guarantee you will have super creative and fun Live Broadcasts. Good Luck!👍🏼