What is Clapper?: A New Dawn For Gen X and Y Creators

The Pandemic’s Social Media Rise In the midst of the pandemic, social media platforms turned into the only way for people to stay close to their loved ones during difficult times. Apps like Tiktok and Instagram rose to the front lines to serve the need to stay connected and attracted the young demographic to create short-form videos. While young creators flooded these social media apps … Continue reading What is Clapper?: A New Dawn For Gen X and Y Creators

Father’s Day 2021 Campaign Announcement

Father’s Day is almost here! That’s why we want to announce our first Father’s Day 2021 campaign! A few months ago, we were celebrating Mothers on Clapper and all around the world. We emphasized the importance of the mother bond, but there is no denying that a Father son or daughter relationship is something undeniably beautiful. Fathers are just as important as mothers for us. … Continue reading Father’s Day 2021 Campaign Announcement

What’s New? App Updates

We have released the new update for both Android and Apple users. Following are the new additions/changes in the features based on the feedback we received from our users. App Update iOS v8.0.0 Clapper Shop live is under development (when the internal test starts, the store’s instructions will be provided for operation reference) Restore “Be heard. Be seen. Be valued” Optimize the process of the … Continue reading What’s New? App Updates