What is Clapper?: A New Dawn For Gen X and Y Creators

The Pandemic’s Social Media Rise

In the midst of the pandemic, social media platforms turned into the only way for people to stay close to their loved ones during difficult times. Apps like Tiktok and Instagram rose to the front lines to serve the need to stay connected and attracted the young demographic to create short-form videos. While young creators flooded these social media apps with dances and voice-overs, there wasn’t a place for adults, professionals, and small business owners to create content catered to an older, more mature demographic, wanting to connect. Enter: Clapper.

On July 22, 2020, Clapper became operational. An app designed for adults over 18-years-old to freely express themselves, create content, and meet like-minded people through short-form videos, livestreams, and radios. The Clapper community aims to provide a space where professionals can not only monetize their content but also create a network of adult creators wanting to be part of a community.

What is Clapper?

Clapper is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms focused on promoting real people and stories. You can see the latest trends and people’s real lives as they unfold, as well as their opinions and talents. Clapper promotes fairness through an ‘equal opportunity’ algorithm where creators can be heard, seen, and valued equally.

What Type of Content Can You Create?

Short-form Videos

Short-form video is the foundation of Clapper, where users can post videos for up to 3 minutes and have the option to use simple editing features like text, video trimming, and music. Clapper promotes real conversations and real lives, where creators don’t have to know the latest trendy dance or heavily edit their videos to get interactions. The goal is for creators to be authentic and to build a community that supports them in every way.


Livestreams are designed to make a more intimate connection with your community on Clapper. It’s an opportunity to show your day-to-day life and who you are as a regular person. You can either have solo livestreams, dual lives (where you bring another creator up with you to talk), or PK battles (where you have 5-minute rounds with two people, and the creator with the most gifts wins).


Imagine an auditorium with multiple speakers. The Clapper Radio is an audio-only feature that allows you to create a room of up to 2000 listeners where up to 20 speakers have conversations and voice their opinions together.

Group chats

A very unique feature at Clapper is the Groupchat feature. You can create your own personal group chat displayed on your profile, or you can join another creator’s group chat and start interacting. This is a perfect way to have direct communication with your community, send daily updates, ask questions, and get feedback on your content. You can also provide special benefits to your group chat members like exclusive Q&As, workshops, and exclusives on your content.


The Nearby feature allows creators to set the location of their videos and find other people’s content in nearby places. This is an opportunity for creators to find new friends in areas closer to them and people they want to get to know in different communities, states, or even countries. Countries, where Nearby is available, are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

All the Ways You Can Make Money On Clapper

Creators on Clapper are earning around $2k a day for making content in a variety of ways. All creators have their strengths and weaknesses. Luckily, there is a feature for almost any type of creator on Clapper. If you’ve been wanting to make money on social media and you want to do it on Clapper, these are the many ways you can do it:

  • Clapper Fam Tiers
  • Livestream gifts
  • Clapper Shop
  • Radio gifts
  • DM Tipping

Clapper fam

Clapper Fam Tiers is a monthly subscription to your content divided into tiers. You can have up to 3 tiers that you can customize with different prices and specific user experiences and perks. Creators can get money from your supporters in exchange for special benefits.

Livestream Gifts

Gifts: If you are the host of a Livestream, creators can send you gifts with their Clapper Coins to show their support. Those gifts transform into money that goes straight into your Clapper income.

Wishlists: Every time you start a Livestream, you have a wishlist in the top right corner. You can set up a wishlist with the amount and the kind of gifts that you want to receive. Creators can encourage their audience to complete their wishlist in every Livestream.

Clapper Shop

The Clapper Shop is a feature where creators can buy or sell their products through an in-app shop. The clapper shop is easy to manage and provides a safe trading platform. If you are a small business owner or an artist, this is the perfect way to earn some extra cash. 

Shop Live: Show your items to users throughout the day by promoting them on livestreams. The clapper shop has a live setting where you can promote a specific product and sell it during that Livestream. It’s an instant way to make more sales.

Radio Gifts

The Clapper Radio is another fantastic way to earn money for your daily podcast or special radio show. People in the audience can gift the host, moderator, or speaker just like Livestream gifting. All the money earned goes straight to your income wallet ready to be cashed out.

DM Tipping

You can send money to someone through their DM just for being a valued member of your community. Just like Zelle, Venmo, or Cashapp, this feature works like a regular money transfer app.

Community As A Core Value

Unlike other social media outlets, this app promotes authenticity over anything else. Most creators migrating from other platforms come to Clapper with the hopes of “going viral” fast. However, as they scroll through the app for some time, it becomes clear that the only way to be successful in creating unique content and build a community based on real friendships and interactions.

Clapper is in its second year and it’s constantly growing every day. The app provides opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and adults with busy schedules to make an income and gives them an outlet to promote their lifestyles and interests. With the “creator economy” as a business model for content creators in the near future, Clapper will most likely play a very important role in the social media race to serve creators’ interests.

Download Clapper HERE.

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