Introducing: The Clapper Stars Program

Introducing Clapper Stars, our brand new program to help passionate creators start a series of original content!  The partnerships team at Clapper will be collaborating with content creators to develop new and exciting content exclusive to Clapper. Our goal is to help niche communities on the app grow, to introduce new content creation styles to Clapper, and to encourage creators to connect and collab with … Continue reading Introducing: The Clapper Stars Program

Clapper x Hive Collab

Clapper has partnered up with Hive, a powerful set of AI tools, to enhance user experience and provide advanced content moderation insights. Our primary goal at Clapper is to empower our creators to create the content they love, without having to worry about shadowbanning or uber strict community guidelines. This partnership with Hive will take that one step further. “Clapper is not just another social … Continue reading Clapper x Hive Collab