Clapper x Hive Collab

Clapper has partnered up with Hive, a powerful set of AI tools, to enhance user experience and provide advanced content moderation insights. Our primary goal at Clapper is to empower our creators to create the content they love, without having to worry about shadowbanning or uber strict community guidelines. This partnership with Hive will take that one step further.

“Clapper is not just another social network; it’s a movement that empowers individuals to share their narratives and foster meaningful connections,” said Edison Chen, CEO of Clapper. “Our collaboration with Hive is a monumental step forward, as it allows us to leverage AI-driven insights to enhance user experiences and provide our content creators with cutting-edge tools for engagement.”

What is Hive?

Hive is a cloud-based AI solutions hub, including audio, visual, and text moderation. Their software sweeps our content for inappropriate subject matter across multiple mediums and models. As an example, their visual moderation model detects 40 subclasses across 5 distinct categories of inappropriate content.

And they do it well. Their overall accuracy is 99.99%, with human annotations in their data training. That means this AI feels a lot more human than robotic. It distinguishes between appropriate and in-appropriate in real-time, taking the entire video and it’s context into account. It will flag any video that falls into its subclasses and categories, removing inappropriate content right away. And if it flags something it shouldn’t have, done worry; we still have humans checking everything it reports.

What Can Hive Do for Me?

Hive is an invaluable inclusion in the Clapper team. Not only will it help our moderation team and boost our accuracy, but it will help us curate your feeds. This system will catch and flag content that Clapper doesn’t allow, thus removing any of the “fluff” that might be getting in the way of your scrolling.

“Through Hive’s powerful AI, we will be able to provide creators a more curated experience while also protecting them from things that they’re not interested in or may harm them,” said Bita Motiie, Head of Operations.

What Will Hive Be Checking?

Right now, Hive will be moderating our videos. They’ll scan videos posted to Clapper and flag any with concerning material for review. Clapper Product Manger Alex Liao is excited about the potential – both for this feature, and for potential future endeavors.

“I want this partnership to give our creators and potential creators confidence, both to join Clapper and continue creating. It will allow them to watch more high quality content and enjoy the community on Clapper. With an increase in our userbase or satisfaction in our creators, we’ll cooperate more with Hive and introduce services like text and audio content moderation.”

Community Guidelines

Hive will be reviewing and moderating content based on our Community Guidelines. If you’ve been using Clapper for a while and haven’t gotten flagged, it’s likely you won’t! Just to be safe, though, we’ve compiled our Community Guidelines into one page for you to refresh your memory. Check them out here.