Introducing: The Clapper Stars Program

Introducing Clapper Stars, our brand new program to help passionate creators start a series of original content! 

The partnerships team at Clapper will be collaborating with content creators to develop new and exciting content exclusive to Clapper. Our goal is to help niche communities on the app grow, to introduce new content creation styles to Clapper, and to encourage creators to connect and collab with each other.

Who Are Clapper Stars? ✨

Clapper Stars are established creators who are passionate about their content. They specialize in long-form livestreams or short-form content, and create in a specific niche. Clapper Stars also have at least 10k followers on another platform and are excited to help bring them over to Clapper. 

Who Can be a Clapper Star? 🤔

While we’d love to work with every interested creator, there are some requirements for the program. 

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must have at least 10K followers on at least one of the following platforms: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.
  • Must post consistently on Clapper. 
  • Must post original content on Clapper. 
  • Must follow and respect Clapper community guidelines.

For example, a Clapper Star could be an ASMR creator with 15k followers on TikTok that wants to start a poetry reading Radio series; a chef with 50k followers on YouTube could start a Livestream series where he recreates historic recipes in real-time; a creator with 100k followers on Instagram that specializes in organization could start a Livestream and video series where they help viewers find solutions to their messes. 

What If I’m Already on Clapper? 💫

Great! We would love to work with Stars who are on already Clapper. You do not have to be new to Clapper to be a Clapper Star. 

What Kind of Content Will They Create? 📸

The team will work with Stars to develop a series that showcases their talents and interests, but we recommend any interested Star come with their own ideas, too. The following are the minimum content requirements for Clapper Stars. 

  • At least 10 original videos per month. 
  • 1 partnered post on all social media platforms per month (post & story).
  • Promote Clapper in bio link on social platforms.
  • Must host a Livestream and/or Radio for a minimum of 5 hours weekly. 
  • Must utilize hashtags: #joinclapper, #clapperstars, #clapperapp. 
  • Must utilize unique referral link in account bio(s), website, or Linktree. 

Submit Your Application ⭐

You can apply to be a Clapper Star here. Be sure to fill out as much of the information as you can: we want to get the best possible overview of your content. You can expect to hear from a team member within a week!