Clapper Radio

Introducing hand-free audio only chat!

You feel shy to be on camera? Or you comfortable just with talking? Clapper introduces Clapper Radio featuring ephemeral real-time voice conversations that you can listen and talking while driving, cooking, gyming, or running. Each room can have 20 speakers at the same time with a maximum of 2000 listeners. Moderators have complete control over the room to make anyone a speaker or an audience. If you want to say something, raise your hand, and the room owner can give you speaking privileges. This feature is now availe to all in the 5.2.0 version. Rooms in Clapper are temporary. When the meeting is over, the room disappears!

Watch this video

1) Click the + button
2) Select Radio
3) Give title of the room
4) Start Talking

Shoutout to your friends and family and chat here with them!
Let’s grow together.

2 thoughts on “Clapper Radio

  1. Much needed benefit for anyone or thing that would rather be heard live, than only having the option to be live with video. Seeing things from every side is cruel to keeping diversity with the brand. Well done. 💜💜🤜🏽🩹🤛🏽💜💜

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