Combating misinformation and Conspiracy theories on Clapper

Users come to Clapper as they are valued more for showing real world around them. Our team work diligently to uphold our Community Guidelines to keep the platform free from misinformation, misleading and conspiracy theories content.

Recently our team rigorously scanned all the possible content on platform and banned 500+ accounts and taken down over 3K videos which did not adhere our Community Guidelines. Every user on Clapper can help our team to keep safe space on Clapper by reporting malicious content from the app directly using “report” button.

Enhancing our misinformation policies

Our Community Guidelines states clearly that we have zero tolerance for the misinformation that could mislead or harm the larger public, that includes unverified public health information. We always strive to be more transparent about our policies and content moderation, and We have taken several strategic steps to make anti-vaccine and COVID-19 misinformation unexplorable on our platform. Additionally hashtags related to such content will not be searchable from hashtags, user and video in app. After technological and human investigation of content, we have different types of methods to penalize the users violating our Community Guideline including permeant to partial banning of accounts.

We will continue to share the steps taken by our team on this blog