Deep Dive Series with Jon Collins

We are happy to welcome the first Deep Dive Series on Clapper App!

Deep Dive Series will feature creators that bring positivity and impact to the Clapper Community. The goal of this series is to shine a light on content that deserves to be featured and that represents what Clapper is supposed to be like: Real people, Real lifes. 

Our first interview will be with the inspiring Jon Collins, or @Joncollins21. He is a multi-platform content creator who focuses on fitness and self-improvement. In our candid talk, we explore who Collins is as a person, a creator and his insight on his experience transitioning to Clapper App. Keep on reading to deep dive into Jon Collins’ life!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What does a day in your life look like?

My name is Jon Collins, I am from Georgia. I am super into fitness, so when getting my day started I push myself into getting to the gym. I have the  mindset that everyday is a new day to change yourself and be better. When I find the time between business meetings, I obviously like making content. There is a lot of stuff that I’ve been through in the past that I relate to in my content. I always put my heart and soul, and quotes that I live by in my videos.

How did your journey to become a creator began?

My whole journey started on tik tok. Before COVID, I worked in Verizon and I think a lot of people can relate to when everyone got locked down, they went to social media outlets just to have fun. I was able to do the same thing just by releasing stuff that I went through, my southern attitude and my respect for women and people in general. 

Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are?

When I first started there were some influences that I really looked up to that I am now close friends with. Scott D Henry is one person that just his way of life, bringing smiles and positivity is very admirable. It’s hard for some people to show their emotions on social media, so when his content came through my pages, he was the one person I looked up to because he’s just always smiling. And that’s exactly what I am trying to do now.

You seem to make a lot of videos about self-worth and self-love in relationships and in your personal life. Where do you draw your inspiration when creating that type of content? 

It stems from my past. I had a lot of ups and downs in relationships where no matter how good I was, I was the person that was cheated on or blamed for the bad in the relationship, when I was never the bad guy. It took me to a very dark place in my life. I didn’t want to live anymore, but something happened in that moment to where I realized that I do have something to live for. It took me years to understand that I was better than what was happening to me. So, my goal in social media is to give people that same mindset, that same concept that when bad things happen in your life, is not necessarily your fault and there is always something to live for. 

Tell us a quote that has made an impact in your career and your personal life.

“The broken roads lead to a beautiful destination”

It essentially means that everyone is going to go through obstacles and cracks that they may not be able to get past, but if you have a strong mindset and you keep staying on your rode that will lead to something beautiful.

What led you to Clapper? 

What led to the transitioning was the constant false reporting on Tik Tok. They just do systematic bans over there. I would go onto one of my livestreams and within the first five minutes I would get banned for seven days. There are groups of trolls on Tik Tok that report on your content and it gets taken down. I was to the point that I was really stressed out and someone recommended Clapper to me. After I did my research I told everyone on Tik Tok, this is where I was going to do my streaming from now on.

What do you enjoy most about Clapper?

One of the biggest things I love about clapper is the adult community. Everyone over here is a mature adult and it’s a great experience. One thing that you guys preach is be yourself. Be seen, be an adult and that is exactly what I’ve experienced. Features like the Clapper Group are great. A group chat of the people that love and support you, and you can communicate in one spot. It’s just little things that I enjoy about clapper. 

On the contrary, in what ways do you feel Clapper could use some improvement?

One thing that I would say is that the people that sign up on my clapper fam, even in a direct message it will say supporter next to it. Maybe just putting them into priority messaging. My messages in all social media platforms are absolutely insane, so that would make it easier to go through their dms. Also, just having more audios to choose from. It would allow more people to make more original content  than just transferring videos that have already been made. 

You have broken the record of earning the most gifts amounting to $4,000 in one live stream on Friday night. What are some key elements about your content you feel have attracted such a large audience? How has it felt to receive so much positive feedback from your followers?

The biggest thing about my live streams is that I am just myself. I am not afraid to be goofy and tell jokes. I give away merch in my live streams just to random people. I get a lot of amazing feedback from people on my live streams that are like: I didn’t think I’d be able to smile today.  Just little stuff like that, just allowing people just to be themselves. So many people are going through hard times in life. Maybe they had a bad day at work and then they come into the streams and we are just happy people.

What advice would you give new users who want to be successful in the Clapper app and want to quickly increase their following-base?

My biggest advice is ‘just try it’ and be as real as possible. Realness and relating to people reflects so well with the community. Don’t be afraid if you have your story to express it. Don’t be afraid  if you had a moment in your life, when you were really down on yourself and you overcame it, to express how you did that. Just be yourself. The right people will love you for who you are and what makes you happy.

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