FAQ About Verification On Clapper App

Here at Clapper we value our users’ content and we feel they deserve recognition. After Launching our new verification feature on March 10, 2020, Clapper creators can be awarded for the time they put into their videos. This feature aims to verify the identity, skills and contribution of Clapper creators to the community. At the same time, we hope that everyone will find like-minded friends in the community. Verification comes with a certain status and it can really make an account stand out from others.

After the verification system went live, Clapper received various feedbacks from users. If you have been asking yourself the same questions, the wait is over! We will be answering – to the best of our abilities – everything you need to know about your verification application. Here we go:

Q1: How do I know if my verification is passed?

A1: If you pass the verification, you will receive a system message and at the same time generate a verification description on your bio. If your application fails, we will also send a system message to you. Please pay attention to the system message.

Q2: Why was my Creator verification rejected?

A2: Generally speaking, if the verification information you submitted is incomplete, we will give you an opportunity to update. If your verification was directly rejected, it means that the videos you created are of poor quality, do not conform to the platform tone, or most of the videos are not original. You can apply after improving the quality of the videos, and the freeze period is 30 days after being rejected.

Q3: Why is my verification rejected again after being revised?

A3: There are two possible reasons. 1. The verification field you choose is really not suitable, and we cannot give you verification in that field. 2. The evidence and information you submitted is not sufficient, or the picture is not clear and cannot be recognized.

Q4: Why is my verification description different from the one I submitted?

A4: If your description is too long or subjective, it will be modified by our staff. If you want to have a unique description, please try to use concise words and objective descriptions. You can refer to the profile page of the verified users in Clapper.

Q5: Why is my verification field different from the one submitted?

A5: Our staff will carefully review each application and choose a more suitable verification field for you. If you are not satisfied with your verification field, you can remove it yourself and apply again after the freeze period.

Q6: Why has my application not been approved for more than 7 days?

A6: Usually, our staff will review the applications submitted by everyone in a timely manner. If you have not passed the verification for more than 7 days, please inform us in time. There may be a problem with our system. After your feedback, we will conduct a self-examination in time.

Q7: Why does my number of followers meet the Blue Check application requirements, but my application is rejected?

A7: In order to ensure the value of Blue Check, in addition to meeting a certain number of fans, your contribution to the community, activity, and whether the content tonality is in line with Clapper’s values are all indicators we investigate. In order to make the verification process more open and transparent, we have written all the verification requirements in the Verification Guideline, so you can conduct self-inspection in time. If you have any other questions, please consult Clapper Creator again.

For more verification related rules, please refer to Verification 101