Deep Dive Series: Pride Month🏳️‍🌈

A Collective Deep Dive Series With @MeanJean, @B_Jump, @Potatochippopotamus and @QueenSpaghetti to Celebrate Pride Month

Happy Pride Month! In this Deep Dive Series we are featuring a few of the amazing voices of the LGBTQ+ community on Clapper. @MeanJean a sweet and dedicated pansexual creator who is finding her way through the queer community. @B_jump, along with his wife Ms. Bjump and girlfriend Peach, helping people be more informed about polyamory. @Potatochippopotamus an amazing cross-platform creator who makes humorous content about gay people’s day-to-day life. And finally, @Queenspaghetti, a passionate pansexual advocate for the LGBTQ+ community encouraging everyone to love themselves.

We have an amazing group of people and we had the pleasure of interviewing each one of them. Read on to see how magically it went!

What defines you as a creator? And, what kind of content do you enjoy most doing?

“What most defines me as a creator is that I want to have genuine connections. I want to reach out to people and them reach out to me. I don’t know if I would say that defines me as a creator, but for me the most important part when I am creating is that connection with people, or it’s not worth it for me. Generally speaking, I like to do a lot of artsy things and ask hard questions. It’s so complex because there are many facets of me and my content. It turns out that what I start out doing ends up not being what I intended.”



BJUMP: I’ve set my platform to be all about polyamourous education, that’s my main focus. If anybody wants to ask me questions about polyamory I am more than happy to answer them. I’ve been running polyamorous support groups online for seven years so I have quite a bit of experience making other people understand it. I wanted to go that route with my content because it was pretty difficult for me in high school not understanding that there are other options than monogamy.”

MS. BJUMP: We are also trying to make it fun and humorous, to show people that we are just like a normal relationship, it’s just the three of us.”


“When I first started on TikTok I began doing thirst-trap fitness stuff. But then I realized one weird social media skill I had was lip syncing and people thought I was funny. So, I switched to more humorous content and a little twist that I had was the LGBTQ niche also, day-to-day in gay people’s life, stuff like that.”


“I am all about positivity, equality for everyone, whether it be like people of color, the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, etc. I just want everyone to be themselves without being hated on. Recently, a lot of my content has been me defending other people or myself because people have been hateful. I try to stand for myself and others. But my favorite content to make is funny stuff with my kids. People really respond well to my kids.”


What does Pride Month mean to you? How did you celebrate it?

“We’ve actually just moved so it’s been lowkey for us. I just came out for the second time in my life right on my 36th birthday. Everything has been very lowkey since I am still finding my footing in the community and trying to move forward in ways that are comfortable and feel best for me. I think for me pride stands for the ability to just be out in the open and showing the world that you can’t take away our rights. You can hold us down. You can’t stop us. Pride means the embodiment of being able to be out and not have to hide.”


MS. BJUMP: For me, it is really important to advocate for people to have the ability to love who they want to love. From a small thing like holding their hand in public, to the big thing of being safe. I want to be safe. Pride month is something that is there to bring awareness and for us to feel proud of ourselves.” 

BJUMP: Pride is important because no one should hate themselves because of love.”

PEACH: For me, pride month is important for selfish reasons, because when I came out as pansexual to my dad he told me it was just a phase. But look at me now. I’m queer.”



“The whole point of Pride is to make gay people feel good about themselves during this month because it’s hard. It’s still hard growing up in the LGBTQ, you’re not accepted everywhere. So, it’s about being proud. Pride is especially important for younger people. Teenagers can have issues but add this on top of it and it gets harder. As a gay older man it does get better. Your life does get better. All that is what Pride means to me.”


“I was raised as a pastor kid, so I was taught that if you were gay you were going to hell. I’ve always been attracted to women, I am engaged to a man, but that doesn’t take away from who I am and what I am attracted to. So, Pride month to me is  celebrating the people who are strong even if their families hate them, disown them, etc. I like to celebrate Pride Month by supporting the community, their videos, and their content. I am on a heterosexual relationship right now, I don’t feel like I need to be label myself, but I follow into the category of pansexual.”


What do you feel is an important topic in the LGBTQ community that is not often talked about?

“The largest topic is just having our rights as humans striped away and not being treated fairly. For me it’s a little bit more complicated than that, because in my appearance and my relationship I enjoy certain privileges that people in our community don’t have and I am very aware of that. But even as someone that has certain privileges we all deserve our rights as basic humans. The abuse we suffered. How we are silenced. Especially, how we are treated, saying that we are deviant, disgusting or that we shouldn’t exist. We can never stop talking about this topic. We are not a mistake, we deserve to exist.”



MS. BJUMP: For me safety and sexual education is huge. It’s never provided in schools. Just basic things like education should be available for us. We need more outreach centers so people have more information available for them. If you have education you can know what’s safe, what’s healthy, how to set boundaries, etc.”

“PEACH: Just the fact that there is not only female-male relationships, but other kinds of combinations like a female-male-female relationship. That was something I didn’t know was available growing up. I don’t identify gender separately, if I like the person I just like them. Growing up I realized that being with another girl was even an option.”

“BJUMP: We need more information out there. Because even if they support polyamory, they may not understand it and end up saying bad things that they don’t mean. Always learn from more than one person, because the more sources you have the more informed you’ll be.”



” I think it is good to have a voice and a platform as LGBTQ creators, just showing it is enough. I appreciate that Clapper does that. It gives people a platform, I think that’s important for our community, to be seen.”


“Nobody really talks about how people literally get hurt and killed every single day for being themselves. I feel like there should be more awareness brought to that.”


What message would you send to the LGBTQ community on Clapper?

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