Deep Dive Series with Tanyalee Davis

For this week’s Deep Dive Series we are interviewing the accomplished comedian Tanyalee Davis!

@TanyaleeDavis began her career as a stand-up comedian, but her path has led her to be an online sensation inside and outside of Clapper. She encourages anyone who dares to be different and celebrates her uniqueness in order to inspire all kinds of audiences.

Keep on reading this deep dive series about this unique creator’s life!

What does a day in your life look like?

So, a day in the life of Tanyalee Davis is not as exciting and glamorous as it sounds with being 31 years in show business. I do 4 to 6 hours of social media content. I tend to sleep late and end up waking up in the middle of the day and deciding whether or not I am going to have a makeup tutorial or do my hair online. With the pandemic I’ve had to reinvent myself as more performers have. Having to figure out video ideas, trying to figure out my live streams, running errands and those sorts of things. 

How did your journey to become a creator begin?

I’ve been kind of a dinosaur in the world of social media, but I love Clapper. I’ve brought so many amazing people over from other platforms and we have been able to create such a fantastic community. It’s like a family cookout, we have these amazing people and everyone kind of knows each other. It’s like having a talk show every night and because we don’t have the trolls it’s such a breath of fresh air. 

When you are creating content, who is your target audience? What do you expect your audience to feel when they watch your videos?

As a standup comedian for 31 years and having a sense of humor is ery important. I feel that people have lost their sense of humor over the last couple of years. People can’t laugh at themselves anymore. Growing up as a three and a half foot person in a tall people world, I’ve had to use my sense of humor to survive. My videos are showing my audience my sense of humor, my life, all the things that I do. I think it is educational, it’s not scripted, it’s entertainment and it’s motivating for some people. I am 50-years-old, I’m done with the BS, I love my body and if people don’t like it I couldn’t care less. 

You’ve performed standup comedy in many states and countries.  Tell us what your experience has been?

I grew up in Canada and I am also American and for the last 18 years I’ve been working internationally. Working with a live audience is what I do, I like looking into people’s eyes, I like engagement. All of the sudden, changing to a virtual audience was really difficult but now I’m fine with it because I get up in the camera. I miss live comedy but this is such a good way to connect with people from all over the world.

What do you like most about Clapper?

What I like about Clapper is that I don’t have to police the group. We can sit back, its low stress and its conversation you can keep up with. Bringing the dual lives, we have really gotten to know a lot of people very personally. I love that intimate aspect.

In what ways do you feel Clapper needs improvement?

As far as improvement goes, sometimes Clapper tends to be a bit glitchy. Sometimes they don’t see the live notifications, sometimes people get dropped out of the room suddenly, so there are glitches but I know you all are coming up with constant updates for it. 

What advice would you give new users that want to be successful on Clapper app?

If you wanna be successful in any social media you need to find your own niche. I believe that people need to put themselves out there and it’s terrifying but people are going to hate no matter what you do. Just get out there, have fun and do you. If you wanna dance, dance! There is no wrong way to dance. I want people that make content that is going to make them happy. That’s my advice, believe in yourself and in your purpose and you will find your job. 

What are your goals and aspirations for the future? 

The idea that I have for the next level of my career. I love doing standup but I also love experiencing life. Essentially, I want to travel around the world and do things. Because people get inspired just by doing normal things, like me eating a sandwich like: “look at the dwarf eating in her natural habitat.” Things like that. Or skydiving, horseback riding, stuff that people are too afraid of doing. Now that we have a good group of people we can rent an RV and start traveling around and film videos for a web series and do meet and greets. Ultimately, producing my own TV show, we don’t need a producing company, social media can be our medium.

Any last comment…

Tanyalee Davis will be engaging and organizing meet-and-greets, for attending check out her Clapper account. Check our last Deep Dive Series with Red Headed Rebel!

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