Deep Dive Series with @MysterE

For this week’s Deep Dive Series we want to feature a big creator that has been a titan in the Clapper community: @MysterE

From magic shows to daily fun facts, this guy puts the E in entertainment. We have a very amazing interview were we talked about community, collaborations and his aspirations for the future. We appreciate how @MysterE has been so involved on Clapper and all the networking and friendships he has made along the way.

Keep on reading this deep dive series about this magical creator’s life!

What does a day in your life look like?

I usually get ready and go to work. I work for meat processing company and then when I get home I practice some magic. Then, I spend some time with my family and my newborn son. 

How did your journey to become a creator begin?

I got really interested in magic when I was young and I kind of put it off to the side for a while. I got back into it around 16 years old and then it became more about the online development of it. Recently, in the last couple of years with covid happening, I started getting more into it through my followers. Then, I started building it, so I could eventually do what I love for a living. 

When you are creating content, who is your target audience? What do you expect your audience to feel when they watch your videos?

The newer stuff I’ve been doing is the daily fun facts. I really like to connect with people on a personal level  and I like the comedy aspect of it too. I like to make people laugh. Everybody goes to work like myself and when they come home they want to relax and have a good time. I want to bring the knowledge side with the new content and I like to bring the comedy and magic part to wow people and get people moving. 

You’re very involved in the Clapper community. We’ve seen that you’ve been a part of many collaborations with other creators. Which collaboration has been your favorite and why?

I would probably have to go with the most recent one, which was the Fourth of July collaboration with  @mommaC7, because being patriotic is something that a lot of people enjoy and I really like the collabs that she puts together.

My second favorite one is one of the Anti-bullying campaigns that I was involved in, because everyone wants to be reminded that we have a community here. We have to express that, as a way of coming together and not sitting back and attacking each other. There is no reason for it. I think we often get along in the app, even if we have different opinions. 

Also, with the Savage Awards, me and Kicks helped out Savage while he was doing the editing, by bringing people together to make sure that it got done. I made sure that the show went on. As a performer, and growing up in theater, I always say that no matter what, the show must go on.

What do you like most about Clapper?

I really enjoyed the community. It’s something that no other app has ever been able to do. Clapper got social media correctly. The involvement of being social with each other is correct. You don’t see that in any other platform. It’s the best part for me.

In what ways do you feel Clapper needs improvement?

There is a little bit of development that needs to be done with any newer app. I would say something to keep in mind is retention. It seems like there are people that download the app once and never come back. I’d like to know why because to me being in the community I would like to understand it. Especially, what we can do to improve it. 

What advice would you give new users that want to be successful on Clapper app?

My advice to new users that want to be successful is don’t give up. People I know struggle and complain because their videos are not getting views, so they give up. When I started on Clapper, I didn’t have many followers and I sat there and put out a couple videos and I got a couple of 100 views. People see that and start asking themselves why don’t I give up? It’s because when we start to give up and want to walk away we really do not want to do that. In my experience, there comes a time where you are going to have that video that makes it. This doesn’t happen overnight, you have to work for that. 

What are your goals and aspirations for your account in the future? 

I am expecting to keep going. Even if I got a lot of followers, I don’t want to stop and that is something that I just want to do. I want to keep creating and growing. Eventually, I would love to see my account be on the top creators. I would like to see it be something that businesses would stop and look at and want to hire me for events. I think it would help my magic business. 

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