Brother’s Corner Radio Show Incites Important Conversations

A new radio show is rising on Clapper: Brother’s Corner. This show is enabling conversations amongst men like we’ve never seen them before. The level of rawness and authenticity of this forum allows for men to talk about topics that would never be discussed without the safe, non-judgmental environment that Brother’s Corner provides.

“Brother’s corner is changing the game and is developing its own formula in which we can all take to our own communities and use it and teach the youth how to use it,” said @Ray_leno. 

It all started on the Clapper radio. 

Seven men were discussing a subject known to be sensitive around the growth of men and the understanding of women. After discussing these important topics amongst themselves, they decided to create a forum where they could go in-depth on these types of topics. Everyone connected and decided that it was time for men to become better men in every way they could. From that first meeting, the inner circle was created.

The Inner Circle⭕️

The Host

@Chocolateminded: He is the host of this radio show. He is also a cartoonist who owns an animation company and a cartoon university. @Chocolateminded opens and closes all the discussions on Brother’s Corner.

The Straight-To-The-Point Duo

@Ray_leno: Both of these creators are direct and concise about their opinions. Ray spreads love and awareness one video at a time. He’s an activist, a father, and a coach. Also, he represents the autism community as well as the disability community. His goal is normalizing autism. 

@Bigbrothermoney: Similarly, this creator has very strong opinions and is always straightforward. He loves positivity and making people laugh. Some videos might make you think and some of them might make you laugh.

The Antagoinist

@Grow.With.Oz: Oz always wants to think about how the opposite point of view of the argument, which makes the debates very interesting. His Platform revolves around organic growth on social media while still maintaining themselves. He believes growth can happen internally before it can happen externally. His son falls under the autism spectrum. So, he advocates for autism awareness and normality, like @Ray_leno.

The Voice of Reason

@Sandman_BT: When things are getting out of control, this guy makes sure to keep the conversation constructive. He is a truck driver who came to the app to have friends, community and just wants to have a fun time. In his videos, he mostly talks about his day and driving an eighteen-wheeler all over the country. He has been in all 48 states and has driven over 100,000 miles in 11 months.

The Voice of Experience

@WilliamSprinkle: This creator not only brings amazing experience to the plate but also a unique point of view. He does not have a lot of content but plans to get into it. Also, he came from another platform because of shaming and he ran into people that accepted himClapper. He believes in respect, old-school values, and teaching young boys to be better men. 

The Timekeeper

@VinceVaingo: This creator makes sure everyone respects each other’s time during the show. He is a stay-at-home dad, who creates funny content, spreads laughter and cheer. He followed people from another app to Clapper and fell in love with the radio, so he began making content.

The Radio Show

The show has gathered a considerable amount of popularity, because of the growth that the audience sees in their participants.

“We all stick together around certain calls of growth and leveling up as individuals and aspiring to push each other and to continue to show each other that a push from a brother it’s going to push you to be better,” said @Chocolateminded.

Brother’s Corner focuses on the need for men to speak about topics that could make people feel uncomfortable. But this is necessary to evolve and be better individuals. As a society, we allow free speech, but often times judgment still prevents people to talk about real problems concerning the male community. This show is changing that mentality.

“We allow people to speak and think and not feel like they are being judged for how they feel or how they think, that’s what makes the Brother’s Corner so important,” said @Grow_With_Oz

Topics that they talk about include the necessity of prenups, the expectations of being a certain person compared to who you really are, the role of independent women in men’s lives today, among other interesting topics. Although these conversations can get heated, the inner circle makes sure there is no disrespect of any source.

“Actually, in the last few weeks people come into the show and show a lot of respect,” said @WilliamSprinkles. “If there is some kind of outburst we shut it down completely. We don’t want any division, because it breaks the whole concept of what we are trying to do.”

The show provides an opportunity to learn from other men and look at things from a different perspective.

“A lot of us didn’t have that wisdom around our lives, so when you come into the radio and hear 30 men talking about their lives and what they’ve been through, you have so many opinions instead of just going blindly through life thinking your way is the only way,” said @Sandman_BT.

The Logistics

The show makes sure to give equal speaking opportunities to everyone. It lasts for an hour, they open up a topic where each man has 1 minute to share their opinion. While women can attend the show as spectators, they can only ask questions at the end. It’s not open for discussing their opinion since it’s a male-perspective format.

While the flow of the show is rarely getting interruptions, there are disagreements even within the inner circle. However, they see it as an opportunity to learn from each other.

“The radio brings us so close together. Is it always peaches and cream? No. We have disagreements with each other, but we always work it out and make each other better,” said @Bigbrothermoney. 

These creators all come from different lifestyles, but they come together by talking about difficult subjects, understanding that everyone is different. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion and that is perfectly fine.

“Not everybody in the show looks like me, talks like me, or came from the same background as me, but yet have had the same troubles I’ve had,” said @VinceVaingo. “I’ve had one way to work on it, but to have the perspective of so many others can open your mind to other directions that you never considered.”

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