Dear Clapper: Let Us Introduce Clapper Pen Pals

Dear Clapper fam, when was the last time you sent a letter to someone? I’ll do you one better, when was the last time you did not type a message to a friend, and instead wrote a handwritten note to them? For some of you, it may have been on your high school yearbook.

The power of a letter dates back to ancient times and it was considered a proper and elegant way to send a message. However, there was something beautiful about receiving a letter from someone, something personal and magical. Letters have become more about expressing your feelings or appreciation to a friend, a colleague, or a loved one. I don’t know the equivalent of letters today. Perhaps, emails or long texts took their place, but here on Clapper, our creators wanted to bring back the old traditions.

Clapper Pen Pals

A trend began a few weeks ago called, Clapper Pen Pals. With technology rising rapidly, books being read on tablets, and video apps trending, the act of sending letters seemed like it wouldn’t stick. But then, people picked up a pen and started writing. The creator of this movement is Dr.Kenny, he is a professor at the Christian College of Kansas. He decided to write letters to his community on Clapper to express his gratitude and love for all his friends. Many creators jumped in and began sending letters too, and suddenly we went back to letter times when people actually took time to write out what we felt for another human.

We know that we are a short-video app, but we want to start participating in this movement too. From now on, we want to hear from you all. We are calling out everyone who wants to interact with us, to send us a letter on this PO box:

801249 Dallas, TX 75380.

We understand if you are all a little rusty. After all, nobody has written letters for a long time. Or maybe never. So, if you are finding that words are hard to find, let us start by addressing all of you first:

PS. Pardon, the shaky handwriting. We are a little rusty.

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