Highlighting Community Guidelines: Let’s Talk About Violence

In this next part of the Community Guidelines series, we are going to talk about Violence within Clapper app. As you know, this is an attempt to make community guidelines less format-based and easier to understand. Now, talking about violence is in no way fun or entertaining, but it is necessary. So, understand that breaking down violence restrictions is more about awareness, than entertaining.

We do not tolerate violent behavior in any form in this app. You may ask, however, what qualifies as violent behavior and what we are not willing to allow in this app. Whether it happens to you or you’ve accidentally done it to someone else, is very important that you know the steps to take next or the consequences you could face. Some people may think this is all a little too obvious, but trust us, sometimes crossing a line is easier than it looks.

Let’s explore our statement about violent behavior:

No attacks on othersAll Clapper users are humans, which means they FEEL. We strictly do not allow harassment, bullying, identity-based attacks, racism, impersonation, or threats, advocation, or provocation of violence on our platform. 


Harassment 🙅🏻‍♀️

Let’s better understand what harassment means. According to the Oxford dictionary, harassment is “aggressive pressure or intimidation.” However, it can go way beyond that. Citizens Advice uses the word “unwanted” to define harassment, and that is key to understand this term. If you are constantly attacking someone who is refusing to engage with you, and you keep on doing it, you are harassing them. If you are in a dispute with someone and they don’t reply, why keep going? We need to be respectful of each other and our decisions to participate in discourse – or to not participate. Let’s be better, people.

Racism and Discrimination Are Not Ok🚫

We don’t have to define these terms. We all know how dangerous they can be. The reason creators join Clapper is precisely because we are cultivating an inclusive environment. Any race, culture, sexual orientation, and job profession are welcome in this app. We are supposed to be better than other apps, the least that we want is for people to not make racial or discriminatory comments within this app. We, ourselves, are a very diverse staff here at Clapper, and we understand the importance of diversity and tolerance. If you have experienced this on Clapper, contact us right away and we will shut it down.

Inciting Violence Is NOT As Bad As Being Violent, right?🤔

Yes, it is.

Telling people to boycott an account for whatever reason is not the solution to a problem. Also, there is a reason why this is a mature app. Don’t act like a kid. It’s better if you report the account and let our team deal with it. Gathering a group of people to massively attack an account in no way shows maturity. Let’s work our problems out like adults, which is why there is an age restriction on Clapper.

Our Response To Bullying? Dancing🕺🏻

Check out the #DancingAgainstBullies movement, to understand what we mean. In simple terms, don’t give bullies the attention they, most definitely, do not deserve. Bullying is a violation of our community guidelines and our standards as a company. Once investigated, each case will be taken seriously and actions will be enforced if necessary. What can be considered bullying on a social media app? Here are two relevant types of bullying that are considered harmful on Clapper:

Verbal bullying is saying or writing mean things. Verbal bullying includes name-calling, inappropriate sexual comments, or threatening to harm.

Social bullying, sometimes referred to as relational bullying, involves hurting someone’s reputation or relationships. Social bullying includes: Spreading rumors about someone, embarrassing someone in public.


Similarly, we will also like to add our own: Make someone feel inferior because of their beliefs or statements within the app, being disrespectful to a creator because of their opinion or leaving rude and aggressive comments on a video to purposely make the creator mad.

Be A Nice Human🧡

With this article, we hope everyone understands the seriousness of our actions. We invite you to do an exercise when dealing with any of these situations. Do not do to others what you do not want to be done to you. Easy, right? Overall, just try to be a decent human being. We know most of our creators already are!

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