Dancing against bullies

Clapper Creators Are Dancing Against Bullies

From the beginning, Clapper was intended to be a platform where voices could be heard and understood on a very personal level. We’ve come a long way since the first few creators began their journeys on this app. Those moments where they began understanding the true meaning of community. With so many adversities Clapper has gone through, it’s our creators who have managed to keep this ship afloat and who have found ways to bring everyone together.

With the recent bullying within the app, many creators decided to speak out and find ways to address it. However, a few weeks back some creators created a movement that by far exceeded our expectations. They found a way to fight back the negativity with positivity in the best possible way: Dancing. Soon after, the Dancing Against Bullies hashtag was born.

The Creators💡


Ted came to Clapper 4 months ago from TikTok. He professionally coaches people in content creation. His content is varied, but focuses on four main topics: positivity, fun, humor, and community. Talking about his experience on Clapper, he explained that reason why he came to Clapper was solely to explore Clapper’s sense of community.

“I wholeheartedly believe in community and in cultivating community,” he said. “I didn’t tell anyone I was coming to Clapper as an experiment. Also, I wanted to see what kind of community I could build for myself.”


Marshall wasn’t a creator before coming to Clapper. Back then, he was on social media and enjoyed looking through content, however, he wasn’t creating videos himself. One day, someone suggested him to make an introduction video on Clapper and soon, his account took off.

“I slowly started making more videos and then I really started liking it,” he said.

Humor is a common thread through his content. He is always finding ways to entertain his audience through his lighthearted and sweet personality.

“If I can get someone to smile and laugh I feel like I’ve done my job, and that makes me happy,” he said.


This amazing lady has been on Clapper since March. She is an avid social media user and creator. Recently, she had been having some issues with her TikTok account and she decided to give Clapper a try.

“I fell in love with it immediately, being able to talk for more than a minute was great,” she said. “I just felt like I had a lot to say.”

She has faced a lot of bullying and harassment in other apps. However, Clapper felt as a safe platform to be herself without judgement and hate. Her content is mainly just love, positivity, education, oracle readings, and interacting with her community.

The Story📖

It all started when @Ignatius_Riley (Marshall) commented on a user’s video giving feedback on its content. The creator began calling him names and referring to him as a “bully” for not continuing to interact in the dispute and stepping back from the app. However, not responding to them only made the bullying increase.

“Marshall is the nicest guy in the world, so it blew us away,” said @AnotherTattooedBlonde.

After this, because of the chaotic environment happening in the app, Marshall decided to lay low for a while.

“I was pretty taken aback by it,” said Marshall. “I never had anyone attacking me in that way, it knocked me down.”

It didn’t take long for some creators to take immediate action and try to cheer Marshall up. @TedTheTurdsley, a good friend of Marshall through Clapper, took it upon himself to fight back against the bullying going on in the app.

“I went into the Marshall’s group, I saw what was going on and I went live and invited a bunch of creators in and told everyone we were going to do a collaboration,” he said. “Instead of giving the platform to the people bullying Marshall, we were going to call Marshall out for being such a good dancer.”

The Dancing🕺🏻

And so, the dancing videos began. Everyone submitted 10 second videos challenging Marshall to dance, posted them and tagged him in them to cheer him up. 

“For me, it was the greatest visual representation of what a community looks like of anything I have been a part of,” said @TheTedTurdsley. “The response was overwhelming.”

After this kindness callout, @AnotherTattooedBlonde took this amazing collaboration and officially turned it into Dancing Against Bullies. 

“A lot of our friends were experiencing similar issues with bullying and negativity,” she said. “We wanted to do something about it. So, we ended up doing a dancing collaboration against bullies, because its better to get through the negativity with positivity.”

About 20 creators were part of this huge collaboration video, where they all danced for a common goal. The caption read Dancing Against Bullies and the movement was created.

The video got incredible feedback and it touched a lot of creators across Clapper. And most importantly, it touched the heart of the one who the video was intended to: Marshall.

“That’s such a nice thing to do,” Marshall said. “It shows that instead of focusing on that person, we choose to focus on the nice friendships we have here on Clapper.”

The Lesson🧡

Through this hashtag, we have learned that giving attention to the negativity and bullying will just give platform to more negativity. Focusing on the positives instead, can open a door to more kindness and a more engaged community. That’s what Clapper is all about.

“On Clapper, you get to know people beyond their username,” said @TheTedTurdsley.

Lastly, for anyone who has experienced bullying and negativity on any platform, this movement is for you. Here is a special message from some of the creators responsible for this amazing story.

Clapper’s Official’s Response on Bullying. Here!