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Clapper Fam Monetization Is Open To All

If you thought you had to be a big-time creator in order to make money on Clapper, think again. Now any and every creator can finally set up their tiers on Clapper fam and start earning for creating. With the latest updates, the requirements to actually set up monetization have become less difficult to achieve.

New Requirements

  • You will NOT need to have 20K followers for activation
  • You will NOT need to have 3 people dm Clapper verifying their support for you

No More Application

Our application will be removed from the settings tabs. Clapper Fam is automatic now. If you have an account, no more steps are required.

A more Inclusive Business Strategy

This doesn’t just benefit Creators, but also businesses that would like to provide products or merchandise through their tiers. There are creators who want to sell and grow their business who join Clapper without a big following base and have to wait a long time to actually apply for Clapper Fam. Not anymore. Now, more people and businesses can join and automatically start selling their services and products.

Here is @ClapperCreator’s most recent announcement on monetization.

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