Highlighting Community Guidelines: Illegality

In this fourth part of the Community Guidelines series, we are going to talk about illegality within the Clapper app. As you know, this is an attempt to make community guidelines less format-based and easier to understand. Violating our community guidelines could significantly affect your account, but doing it by doing illegal activities could affect your life.

Even though we are not law enforcement, you do need to understand what is permitted or tolerated on Clapper and what could get you in real trouble. We are actually more flexible than most people think, but we do draw a hard line on specific subjects. In this article, you will know what those subjects are. Let’s explore what we have to say about illegal acts on our community guidelines:

No illegality or tortious activity. You may not post anything that is illegal, tortious, or that violates any law or regulation, nor may you use Clapper to solicit or facilitate illegal, tortious, or prohibited activities or transactions, including but not limited to those involving controlled substances or contraband.

Community Guidelines

Content: Laws and Regulations

We consider illegality as “Theft, fraud, vandalism, trespass, harassment, child pornography, and copyright infringement” as stated by the internet, federal, and state law. According to where you live, you will have different regulations and laws, but the above mentioned are pretty much illegal wherever you go in the world. In other words, you appear to be doing these activities in your clapper videos or encouraging people to do them, and you will probably get banned faster than you can hit the post button.

Age Requirement

The age restriction on Clapper is not going to come to legal matters, but we will enforce it strongly. This requirement is probably one of the most enforced rules on Clapper since we promote ourselves to be an adult platform and we cannot have minors making content here. If you are under 18, no legal consequence will fall upon you, but we will be removing your account permanently.

Drinking & Smoking

When we mention “involving controlled substances”, we mean illegal transactions, contraband, or selling of drugs or alcohol. Regardless of common belief, we are actually okay with people smoking weed and drinking alcohol on Clapper, just as long as it’s legal in their state or country. Then, there is no problem. We do not have an extensive verification process, so it’s really up to you to follow the rules. Therefore, we cannot enforce any measures, only the law can. We do want to mention, though, that we are not responsible for who views your content, so just keep that in mind.


Each video content should be unique and original. On Clapper, we want to keep it that way. We do not allow you to copy or impersonate other creators. We mention this in our community guidelines:

“You may not impersonate or post on behalf of any person or entity or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity”

Community Guidelines

And if you are thinking, “well, I’ll just get banned from Clapper”, think again. There is actually a nice little document called Copyright Act of 1976. In it, you will find that you cannot produce content from another person and pass it as your own. So, it’s not just Clapper’s guidelines you are violating, it’s actually the law. We cannot do more than enforce measures within the app, however, the person whose dentity and content you are stealing might do more than that if they want. Our advice: be careful.

TikTok Reposts

Tiktok reposts do not qualify as a copyright violation, as long as you are not impersonating someone from TikTok. We actually encourage all of our creators to make content through Clapper. However, we understand creators who make content on many different platforms. You are not going to get banned if you repost your TikTok videos on Clapper. The one thing that will happen, is that your videos are not going to get pushed on the “for you” page. The best thing you can do is to try to always remove the watermarks, and you’ll be good to go.

Now that you know a little about what we consider as illegality on Clapper. Make sure you know what is permitted in your state or country of residence. This will help a lot.

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