Top 10 Halloween Songs To Listen On Clapper

What better way to enter the Halloween mood than listening to our very own 10 top Halloween songs on Clapper. This playlist, now available on the Clapper library, is meant to be used for all the Halloween content the creators are planning for the month. We have a pretty spooky selection and hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. Let this scary and fun holiday begin!

Follow our Spotify Playlist to jam to this songs through your daily routine!

  1. Cementary Playgrounds – MIERNO, KOSHE
  2. Devil in My Devil – Mogli the Iceburg
  3. Trapped in My Nightmares – WEARETHEGOOD
  4. GRAVE – Wxlf, Silver Steph
  5. Can’t Look Down – Ty Simon
  6. Skeleton BBQ – Ziv Moran
  7. The One Eyed Capitan – Ian Post
  8. Bloody Mary – Skipp Whitman, Jeremy Page
  9. Uncertain Circumstances – JonEcks
  10. Devils – Nameless Servant

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