Celebrating Spooky Creators of Clapper

Boo!👻 Halloween is here. It’s time to get your costume on and your spooky vibes out. On Clapper, we have seen so much commitment when it comes to Halloween. We are so impressed at the way spooky creators have celebrated and created content for this holiday. We want to highlight all the spooky creators on our platform and show you what amazing content they have in store.

There is a lot that you can do for Halloween content. For this reason, we have picked the best examples on Clapper to help you out, in case you are still trying to plan your content for the weekend.

Show Your Costume

This is easy and fun. Just show us your Halloween costume or maybe you creating it. The more original, the better.


Costume competitions

Some of our spooky creators have created Halloween costume contests. If you have the time to attend those, you won’t regret it. Or record yourself going to a local contest in your hometown.


Spooky Storytelling

Telling a spooky story is a great way to enter the Halloween mood. You can create your own story, look for one online, or tell us something spooky that actually happened to you. We believe you.


Witches of Clapper

We are calling out all the witches of Clapper. If you are into Tarot, readings, potions, and manifestations, this is your moment to shine. Go get ’em, witch!


Halloween Makeup

For all our makeup artists on Clapper, it’s time to switch to the dark side. Recreate Halloween makeup tutorials or create your own. Don’t forget to make them spooky.


Let it be scary… and funny

It’s not all scaring and screaming. Well, it is. But you can fun while doing it. Halloween has some space for comedy too!


Special Effects: Blood, Scars, The Works.

Find your local special effects people and learn how to create your own scars and wounds from home.


Set The Tone With Some Halloween Tunes

Pick Halloween music for your videos on the Clapper music library. We have a special Halloween playlist that will work perfectly with all of your videos. Or… You can create your own Halloween song. What a talent!


Where are your Halloween Decorations?

If you like to decorate your house for every holiday, show us how you’ve decorated for spooky season.


Share Local Tips

Is there a cool haunted house in your hometown? A nice antiques shop? Or better yet, a witchcraft museum? Tell your community all about it.


Happy Halloween Clapper Fam!👻