Clapper Honors Native Heritage Month

Our cultural heritage is always going to be a big part of our lives. In America and other continents, the lands we stand on were once part of ancient tribes and natives who worked the land, hunted, and created cultural traditions and celebrations. This month of November we decided to pay tribute to all the natives that still maintain those traditions and all of the people who embrace their native heritage.

We understand that Native American Heritage month has been a national holiday for a few years now. However, having such a diverse community on Clapper, we wanted to be inclusive to all native communities anywhere in the world; not just America.

We dropped the hashtag #NativeHeritageMonth and we got an overwhelming response from creators celebrating their native roots. We want to highlight some of those videos in this blog.

Happy Native Heritage Month!🧡

Show us your native roots on Clapper and a little bit of the history of your family! For our November celebrations check our trending hashtag page.

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