FAQ About The Clapper Shop

E-commerce is the next big thing for the tech world. After releasing Clapper Shops the response and engagement we received have been incredible. Our small businesses, bosses, and crafters are really taking advantage of what this new feature has to offer. After our first blog introducing Clapper Shop, we went ahead and collected the most frequently asked questions about the Clapper Shop. This way you will have more specific answers to your concerns.

We will be answering – to the best of our abilities – everything you need to know about the Clapper Shop. Here we go:

Q1: What can you do on the clapper shop?

A1: Buy from other creators or sell your products through Clapper. It’s easy to manage your items and provides a safe trading platform. Show your items to users throughout the day by promoting them on livestreams.

Q2: How to add an item?

A2: You need to prepare at least one quality photo of the item and briefly describe the item, type, price, and inventory.

Q3: How to start a Shop live?

A3: To start live streaming, you need to choose at least one saleable product to promote it. You should have enough inventory to fulfill your orders. Followers’ trust is the most important part of the shop live, so be truthful and not misleading with the product you are selling. Constantly responding to your viewers’ questions will help you sell faster.

Q4: When will the order amount arrive?

A4: After the buyer confirms the received order, the final amount of the order will be credited to your account. Clapper will deduct a 5% of commission fee. Seven days after the buyer confirms that it was received, you can withdraw the cash.

Q5: How to ship?

A5: It’s best to confirm the delivery address information with the buyer before shipment to avoid address errors. It is best to reconfirm the item details, size, color, as well before shipment to avoid returns or exchanges. You can choose the appropriate logistics, send the goods, and try to include the shipping in the price of the goods.

After you ship the item, remember to fill in the logistics information in the order details, you can change the status of the product to be shipped and adjust the quantity you have left. If your item needs to be canceled due to any reason, after negotiating with the buyer, you can choose to change the status of the product to ship.

Q6: How to cancel orders?

A6: If the order needs to be canceled due to any reason, you can go to the order details page and use the “Cancel Order” function to fill in the reason for canceling the order, then the order can be canceled.

After canceling the order, release your unit. Canceling the order can only be used before the item has been received. Once the item has been received, you can negotiate with the buyer the return and exchange privately. If there is a dispute, you can contact us.