Creators Are Organizing The First Uk Clapper Meetup

Clapper communities are not just groups of individuals supporting each others’ content. Here at Clapper, communities are becoming a family. People are actually getting to know each other, visiting creators who live far across the country. That’s how we differentiate Clapper from other social media outlets. It’s the creators making little families of their own on this platform that makes it special. This is why we are so happy to announce the first Clapper Meetup in the UK. This meet-up will be on November 19th – 21st at Plough and Harrow pub in the village of Ely. 

Through these dates, creators in the UK will finally get to know each other in person. This event will have many surprises, activities, and bonding opportunities for all its attendees. But first, let’s introduce the creators responsible for hosting and organizing this amazing event.

The Organizers 🇬🇧


Kerry is, as her teammates called her, the boss. She makes sure that everything works out as planned. Her content is a mixture of things: her family, just random fun, and (according to Kerry) embarrassing her kids. We doubt it because we know Kerry is definitely a cool mom.


Once the creators get there, what will they do? Queenager’s got us covered. She’s got so many special activities planned. From Karaoke to a costume dress-up party, the fun will never stop. Her content is filled with comedy and fun, and we are all here for it.


Talk about connecting with the community. Mandy.MooOG is in charge of managing the UK Meet account and reaching out to all the possible creators who might be able to attend this event. Her content focuses on a variety of things, but mostly her dog George, who seems to be a crowd favorite.

From An Idea To a Reality💡

The idea of meeting up on a large scale was an idea that cross the minds of these three ladies earlier this summer. But because of lack of experience planning such a large event and the timing, it stayed just like that; a hopeful idea. However, they decided to still go and visit many UK creators individually.

“I was getting my merchandise ‘against living miserably’ to my local pub, where I happened to know the landlord. He asked me what it was all about,” said Kerry. “I told him that we were visiting creators along the way and he said ‘why don’t you meet them here?'”

And just like that…they suddenly had a free venue to host a meetup. After that, everything else just fell into place.

Entertainment From Clapper’s Finest🎸

Being a Clapper meetup, they had to have a Clapper band for the event. Standing Like Statues will be performing for creators all three days. Also, these dates were purposely set on the same weekend as the Las Vegas US meetup, so they can go dual live and interact with each other at the same time. There are activities planned for the little ones as well. We have one of our own, @DevineDutchDiva, doing face painting for the kids, and also, a fun talent contest for them to get creative.

Organizing a Clapper Meetup🤝

@Queenager expressed how this event was going to be a chance to just get together and have fun. However, it had its challenges.

“The most challenging thing was getting a budget because we had none,” @Queenager said. “We managed it though, and now we have quite a few prizes to give out, so it’s going to be awesome.”

Recruiting people and promoting the event was also something that took hard work. However, these ladies are proud of the outcome considering is their first UK meetup.

“We have 20 people who are confirmed, and then we have people who live more locally that may drop by any of those days,” said @Mandy.MooOG.

Want To Attend?☝🏼

Connect with @Kerry2021, @Queenager, or @Mandy.MooOG through Clapper to possibly attend this Clapper Meetup.

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