Clapper Meetups 2021: UK and Las Vegas

On Clapper real connections and friendships are formed online. The community has become tighter than ever in the past year of Clapper’s existence. Because of the pandemic, friendships remained on our platform for a long time, but in November of 2021… it all changed.

Clapper creators decided to take their friendships to the next level and organized the first two Clapper Meetups: One in Las Vegas and the other one in the UK. Creators met up in these two places and had an absolute blast finally seeing each other in person and making Clapper content together.

Our hope is that Clapper meetups become bigger and more constant every year. Also, that these two first Clapper meetups set an example and inspire other creators to host them in their hometowns. If we keep seeing the growth of Clapper meetups, we are considering hosting a big meetup soon. Let’s keep it up so we can make this happen.

Las Vegas Meetup🎰

The organizers: @Red_Headed_Rebel and @Bethanyrenea

Here is a sneak peak of the Vegas meetup filled with beautiful memories and fun touristic activities.

UK Meetup🇬🇧

The organizers: @Kerry2021, @Queenager and @Mandy.MooOG

Here is a sneak peak of the UK meetup filled with laughter and endless karaoke.

We had so much fun looking through the meetup videos that we could not help to do the grand finale…

The Ultimate Clapper Meetup Video

Go check out more content from these meetups with the hashtags #UKmeet and #Vegasmeetup on Clapper. Looking forward to more meetups for 2022.

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