Holiday GiveBack: Clapper’s Charity and Donations

Clapper has always had a strong sense of community. If you speak to any creator on the app they would tell you that meeting new people and making real connections is their favorite part of Clapper. Because community is an intricate part of Clapper, supporting one another and supporting those who need it is also something we hold dear to our hearts. The holiday giveback, more than a hashtag or a campaign, is about helping out beyond our community on Clapper. We want to extend our support to the people that need it the most in time for the holiday season.

The Holiday Bazaar

This magical event is meant for creators to support small businesses that want to grow on Clapper through our Clapper shop. By shopping at this online bazaar, you are not just supporting your community, but also you are helping us help the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. We choose the DCAC as the organization we would donate to this year, because of its incredible work for children who experience abuse and negligence in the Dallas area. We will be donating 10% of all profits from the Holiday Bazaar to the DCAC’s campaign Holiday of Hope.

Holiday of Hope logo

Holiday of Hope is a special program aimed to help out children in need during the holidays. They are gathering toys and gifts to give these kids a special Christmas despite what they’ve been through. We were touched by the work they have been doing and want to help out in any way we can. If you want to support this organization, remember to attend the Holiday Bazaar. Shop local with our creators and help out the children of the DCAC.

Share Your Holiday Giveback

We want to know all about the charities in your town that are doing something for the holidays or that have an ongoing cause for the whole year. We want to know in what ways you are giving back to your community. Use the hashtag #HolidayGiveBack and show us your experience. Either volunteering in a soup kitchen or wrapping gifts for people in need. Support your Clapper and your local community. We promise, giving back is the best feeling in the world.

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