The Lineup: Holiday Bazaar Entertainers

We couldn’t let you shop without a little bit of fun. We have the official Lineup of entertainers for The Holiday Bazaar. While you jump from live shop to live shop, you can jump in at any time into @ClapperCreator‘s livestream and enjoy one of these wonderful performances. We want this to feel as if you were walking through an in-person bazaar and in every corner there is a musician performer, or a standup comedian making everyone laugh. Each performance will last no more than 15 minutes so it doesn’t take away from shopping at the vendor’s shops.

Enjoy our official lineup for the Holiday Bazaar entertainers and its category:

Official Entertainers Lineup

  1. Flecks: Singer
  2. Chief_lgbtq_spunky: Singer 
  3. Carl.NewcastleUk: Entertaining Personality 
  4. Kerry2021: Dance/Comedy
  5. DevineDutchDiva: Play Banjolele/ Singer
  6. BradmanTV: Comedy/ Karaoke
  7. Handy.Mandy: Comedy
  8. Djharlikwin: Dj 
  9. Cmakfromseattle: Rapper
  10. BlooberryBaggens: Santa Helper
  11. SfxRobert: Special Effects
  12. Officialdjtwixx: DJ 
  13. Robertdabrclark: Comedy  
  14. Aronkirby: Country Singer 
  15. Malcom2.0: Personality Host

The schedule

Time slots (CT)Monday 13thTuesday 14thWednesday 15th
4:15 pmFlecks 🎶Chief_lgbtq_sunky 🎶Carl.NewcastleUK 🎙
4:45 pmKerry2021 💃🏻🎭DevineDuthDiva🎶Cmakfromseattle🎶
5:15 pmBlooberryBaggens🎙
5:45 pmBradmanTV🎭Robertdabrclark 🎭SfxRobert🎙
6:15 pmOfficialdjtwixx 🎧Djharlikwin 🎧Handy.Mandy 🎭
🎶: Musician🎙: Personality 🎭: Comedy 🎧: DJ

The time indicated in the schedule is when @ClapperCreator will send the request to PK Battle to the entertainer, so the entertainer has to go live a few minutes before their set time slot. If the entertainer wins 2 out of 3 PK Battles against @ClapperCreator, they will receive special Clapper merchandise so make sure you support them during the time you are attending.

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