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For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we are interviewing a talented Clapper creator: @Grow.With.Ozz.

@Grow.With.Ozz is an OG creator that has been on Clapper for over a year. In this Deep Dive interview, he told us about his efforts to teach people how to grow their community and be successful as creators. @Grow.With.Ozz is a big advocate for mental health and educated us on his approach to the autism spectrum. Due to his contagious positivity, we learned how he keeps overcoming his struggles and still manages to spread love and positivity through the app.

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Enjoy this deep dive on @Grow.With.Ozz

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What does a day look like in your life?

Well, I’m going to be completely honest. I suffered from seasonal depression so there are some times where there will be like 2 to 3 months that I’m pretty much unable to do this. But my normal life is super busy. When I am most abled, previous to Covid, I was traveling on a weekly basis for work. What I do is am an executive trainer for Samsung. Basically what I do is teach teachers how to teach. There are lots of cool ventures to go with that but since Covid, I’ve been kind of grounded. I’ve been creating remote training, modules and doing one-on-one classes on zoom. That’s kind of where I am right now. Also, finding time for social media and being a husband and a father. Trying to find that balance.

When did you begin your content creation journey?

Actually, what happened was I was bored one day and decided to download TikTok because my wife was watching videos and I said why not. When I did, I got into a Livestream, saw the interactions, and loved it. I like the premise of interacting with people through lives, so I became one of those guys that bought a bunch of gifts and went into people’s lives and give out gifts. One day I was in a creator’s live and she said: You should really put a profile picture or a video. What ended up happening is I put up a video and that video ended up getting a quarter-million views. That just propelled me to want to get more followers and learn more about social media.

We notice that you post some inspirational content. Are you a supporter of manifestation or the law of attraction?

Yes and no. I am actually a muslim. A lot of my positivity draws from the fact that I spend a lot of my time actually practicing the rules of Islam and I find personal benefit in doing so. Normally people don’t find out that part of my self because it never really comes out. I am not pushy like that but at the same time I am super knowledgeable about that. I also deal with depression. So a lot of times I spend in social media is trying to deter not only my own feelings but everybody else from feeling the way that I do.

The radio that you were a part of Brother’s Corner was really interesting. We got to see men talking about things men often don’t talk about. How has that experience been? What have been some eye-opener discussions that you have had on that radio?

This show has a really big effect on me as a creator on Clapper. A lot of my following was built on the idea that I am heavily influenced in this show. Was crazy about that is that the biggest reason why I am in this show has nothing to do with Clapper and has to do with the idea that I didn’t have the opportunity to sit with other men in such a way that nobody is getting offended and we are actually speaking about the ways that we feel. That opportunity is absolutely priceless. As for some of the topics, one of the most impactful for me was the discussion on pre-nuptial agreements. The reason why is because an objective look at the idea that this contract could be built outside the idea of finances. If these contracts were built in such a way then everybody would be able to put their cards on the table. All the expectations could be met from day one.

So, When did you join Clapper? What was your first thought about the app when you first started using it?

May 5th, 2021 was the day that I joined Clapper. What took me so long to come here was I actually did a lot of research about Clapper and its community. At first, my major derivative was the fact that I had the ball rolling for several platform and I didn’t see a way that I could give fair and adequate time to Clapper. Problem two I had friends that were operating the same genre as me and it felt weird that all of us came and did the same thing it kind had the feeling we were trying to escape from. When I came over here it was a completely different experience. Its super cool the kind of relationships that are built on Clapper. I never in my life have spoken to staff directly. It has been a different experience from what I expected but that’s why I am here.

What do you enjoy most about Clapper? In what ways do you feel like Clapper needs improvement?

Radios are the reason why I am here. Mostly because of the idea that you can speak to someone one-on-one and that happens when you come to the radio. The radio is revolutionary especially with the type of community that has been built here. There are some things that annoy me, some little glitches that it has to pinpoint because it almost like they happen differently with everybody else. It’s a journey but I am telling you the radio is supper cool. I wish we could do 2 things for the radio. 1. External links where people could be able to listen to the podcast and 2. the opportunity to be able to record snippets on the radio.

What advice would you give new users that want to be successful on Clapper?

Three things: Post, interact and be consistent. That’s it. It’s supper simple just keep posting, be consistent and be yourself. When I say posting I mean high quality videos, be aware of your lighting and stabilized video. Once you get comfortable making videos you can make little investments like buying a microphone. I feel like if you are going to do one step further, I found more success in uploading videos. Do what you feel it’s comfortable. When I say be consistent I don’t mean post every single day. consistency is based on the community that you build. Always interact. If someone takes time to interact, interact back.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? What do you expect to accomplish professionally, personally, and creatively?

Foresight is my biggest weakness. In that regard I think the best things that I would want is the ability to build resources in such a way that they are automated. Secondly, to create a surplus that automatically starts changing the things that are around me without me needing to actually put effort into it. If I had enough resources the people that I interact with would immediately improve because I interact with them. I would like that to come to fruition. I aspire to have at least two or three more kids by then. Creatively I think I would have established a brand that would allow me to reach out to this e who think that is not possible to have a brand in social media. I think that idea is completely ridiculous. There is a market for everything.

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