Deep Dive Series with @Sweet_Gee

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we are interviewing an advocate for positivity on Clapper: @Sweet_Gee.

@Sweet_Gee brings positivity and optimism to a new level. In this Deep Dive interview, she told us about her journey through fitness and how to overcome the darkest times with a smile on your face. @Sweet_Gee also talked about motivation and kindness in the app. This was one of the most positive interviews we have had and the love and support her community gave her was amazing to watch.

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Enjoy this deep dive on @Sweet_Gee

We noticed that you post a lot of fitness content. How did you start your fitness journey?

It’s been a 3-year journey. I’ve recently gained some weight, which is okay because it happens. It’s my first gain weight. Just got to stay motivated. I changed my plan of what I was eating. I like to motivate others because it motivates me. If they can do it, I can do it. I am 48 so it’s hard a little on the body but that doesn’t affect my positivity.

Your outfits are so cute in your videos! What is the inspiration behind them?

Thank you! I am bipolar so for me is about playing a character, switching it up, I like that. It’s really what I am feeling for the day and when you look good you feel good. It helps me through tough situations.

The amount of energy we see in your videos is unreal. What would you say is the key to staying motivated and so positive?

I’ve suffered from depression. I know what it is to be in that dark place where you just want someone to turn the light on. Being out of that place, makes me think that the time that I wasted being there I am going to use it spread the love out to the world. I want to show positivity. It’s a whole different me ever since I came out of that darkness where I wanted to kill myself at times, I’ve come out stronger. I have been in a healthy relationship for 12 years so that helps as well. You grow and you learn.

Where do you find all your fitness equipment, you always have cool gadgets?

I’ve been blessed with a store around my place that has a lot of different fitness gadgets. I was thinking in putting some fitness stuff in my Clapper shop. I am gathering them all so they can be enough. I actually had a raffle with the hula exercise weight. I will also be doing some more fitness raffles in the future.

So, When did you join Clapper? How did your journey as a creator begin? 

I joined Clapper January 13th. I started posting my fitness videos for Facebook family and friends. Then, one day I was at TikTok and someone mentioned Clapper and I thought, “Let me go check it out.” It’s been awesome. I am so thankful for this app because the amount of love and support is amazing.

What was your first thought about the app when you first started using it?

Early on, I thought that this was not for me due to the content that was being created then. It was more about politics and stuff like that and I just kept to myself. I was doing this for me, whoever followed me fine. The beginning the following was great. I was like “wow, they like what I am doing” and once I changed I had something else to bring to the table.

What is your favorite feature on the app?

I really like the radio and the live, even though I don’t do it much. The live is pretty cool, people talk and the shop live upgrade is amazing. You are able to make money through the app and I like that.

What do you enjoy most about Clapper? In what ways do you feel like Clapper needs improvement? 

What I enjoy the most is the community. The love, the friendship, people in this app are amazing. Each and everyone of them. Although things happen and there is trolling and stuff, other than that is great. I haven’t had any problems with anybody so far.

What could be improved, like I said, is the trolling. When people are just going around spreading hate they should be taken off the app.

I was checking out your clapper account and wanted to learn more about your #MotivationForYouAndMe what started it all and what does it mean for you? 

I don’t remember when exactly I started this hashtag but its been a few months now. Motivation for you and me works because the app is motivating me to put my fitness content. By posting those videos I am motivating other people to get back and be able to do it. Sometimes I complain about feeling bad and not wanting to do it but still see me trying and putting the content out there. It means motivation to keep pushing in life regardless of what’s going on, and motivation for you and me.

What advice would you give new users that want to be successful on Clapper? 

To stay on a positive note. Even though you might feel down, you can express yourself in a positive way. You don’t have to take it out on people. Grow your account by being positive, being loving, being kind to people. If you are not willing to do that this app is not for you. Spread love and positivity.

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