Clapper Small Businesses: Get To Know BourneCnSProductions

For this week’s Clapper Small Businesses, we’re highlighting the 3nd Clapper Shop of this new blog segment: BourneCnSProductions.

Why Bourne?✨

Troy Acklin, or as they know and love him on Clapper “Bourne“, is an experienced and creative blacksmith who has taken blacksmithing to the entertainment industry. He creates a variety of cool items, from belts to pendants, to whole hand-made costumes and batman blades. Yes, you read that right… Batman Blades. He recently shifted his brand and is combining video creation with blacksmithing. Our favorite thing about him is the originality and effort he puts into his films. He entertains his supporter and promotes his shop while doing it. Bourne really is a dynamic creator on Clapper and an example to follow. Enjoy his shop!

Clapper Shop Highlight✨

  • Rating: 5.0⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Sales:12
  • Price range: $15-$450

The Catalog🛍

1# Leather Studded Wrist Cuff

Notes From The Shop Owner:

  • Comes in black or brown leather 
  • Studs are gunmetal or bronze
  • Small, medium, and large options. 
  • The piece pictured has lasted 16 years and was photographed today. 

2# Small Iron Wands

Notes From The Shop Owner:

  • Each one is unique. 
  • First wands range from 6”-8”
  • Made from steel and hand-forged. 
  • Last 2 wands range from 10”-14” inches in length. These wands are Harry Potter replica size. 

3# Steel Pendants

Notes From The Shop Owner:

  • Hand-forged Pendants
  • These are made from scrap steel left over from making knives, wands, and SHURIKEN.

4# Hand-forged bottle openers

Notes From The Shop Owner:

  • Made from Mild Steel
  • Sturdy and fit into one’s pocket. 
  • They do not come with beads. That’s a custom edition.


Notes From The Shop Owner:

“I make three types of Bat SHURIKEN. The bronze one pictured. That design is discontinued, limited stock remains. The center one is in painted, these come in, bear metal, red, yellow, bronze, black, green, white, ice blue. For an extra fee they can be sent to @JDubsArts and have a custom paint job. Like a super hero or villain painted on it. It’s up to you.” 


The Process✅

Keep Supporting Small Businesses!✊🏼

Thank you for supporting small businesses on Clapper. This was an amazing creator and shop. If you want to check out more products from this shop, go check BourneCnSProductions on Clapper.

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