Highlighting Community Guidelines: High-Risk Content

In this new part of the Highlighting Community Guidelines series, we are going to talk about our newest updates when it comes to high-risk content within Clapper. As you know, this is an attempt to make community guidelines less format-based and easier to understand. 

As a centralized platform, we have to abide by Google and Apple’s community guidelines to be able to function and be downloaded on their stores. However, we’ve also heard our creators’ opinions about the new restrictions implemented. We want to make sure we keep in mind our creator’s needs, as well as the rules we have to abide by which is why we finalized this new set of rules.

We have made this new adjustment to make sure Clapper keeps hosting its users without any inconvenience in a way that benefits everyone.

What is considered “High-Risk Content”?⚠️

For the purpose of this article and per Clapper’s community guidelines, we will be referring to “drugs, sexual content, and gambling” as high-risk content. High-risk content doesn’t mean forbidden content. It just means that these types of content may have more restrictions than other content on the app.


Video content and Livestreams containing marijuana usage are allowed. After further investigating Google’s and Apple’s policies, we will not remove the notify button from your lives. However, at this time we will not allow the sale of any products related to marijuana and other drugs. 

Sexual Content🔞

If you are creating sexual content on Livestream, Clapper will remove your notify button. If you are unsure what sexual content can be, refer to our article on Explicit Content on Clapper.


If you are gambling on a Livestream, Clapper will remove your notify button. We have a high report filing over fraud regarding this behavior. Users can watch gambling Livestreams or videos, but they cannot be involved in gambling in-app. We encourage creators to gift on Livestreams as a form of entertainment or appreciation, so long the gifter is not using these funds to place any bets. Similarly, gambling transactions cannot take place in-app and creators are asked not to promote gambling sites on Clapper. 

Key takeaways🗝

  • You will be able to live stream and create content while smoking and notify your followers
  • You will not be able to sell any marijuana or other drugs including other paraphernalia’s 
  • If you are promoting gambling or sexually explicit content, you will not be able to notify your followers.

For any other questions about our newest updates, reach out to @ClapperCreator on Clapper.

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