Happy Easter: Clapper Egg Hunt Recap

Happy Easter! The Clapper Egg Hunt was the event of the season. On this article we will recap on the fun we had on this one week event and we will also highlight the participants who made it all possible.

During the Clapper Egg Hunt, Clapper Users had to find 5 Special Clapper Eggs that were hidden within the videos under the #ClapperEggHunt hashtag! Once a Clapper User finds a Special Clapper Egg video, they had to clapback that certain video with the hashtags #ClapperEggHunt and #Easter2022. Participants had all week to find all 5 eggs! The first person to clapback all five videos would be the winner!

For this event, we had Decoy Creators and Egg Holders to help us orchestrate the magic behind the Egg Hunt:


The “Decoys” had a very important task during this event: Distract the participants! The Clapper creators who played the “Decoy role” created a fake egg videos to confuse participants on who was the true egg holder. The amount of creativity and effort these creators put into their videos was outstanding. They made this event a million times better because of their commitment and funny decoy videos.

Let’s give a shoutout to our amazing Decoys!

Egg Holders

The five “Egg Holders” were in charge of making the official videos for the event. They were sent the official Clapper Eggs at the beginning of the week and each of them had a day of the week to drop their mystery video with the Clapper Egg. Their job was much harder because they could not tell anyone they were the real egg holders. Anonymity was the most important part of their role. All they had to do was find a creative and fun way to put the Real Clapper Egg in their videos. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing videos from our 5 Egg Holders:






The Clapper Egg Hunt Winner🏆

This Clapper Egg Hunt week was a total success, but at last, there could only be a winner. It was a really close call, many creators found the 5 real videos, but only one was the first to finish.

Congratulations to @SFXRobert! He was the ultimate winner. Not only did he clapback all the videos, but he was also was the first to do it in almost all the videos. We are so impressed by his commitment and that is why he was deemed the winner of this Clapper Egg Hunt Event. Congrats!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event! It was one for the Clapper books🧡

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