Clapper Announcement: Diamond Exchange Rate Change

In today’s announcement we will talk about the new diamond exchange rate and how it affects in-app purchases on Clapper.

In the last two years, Clapper has grown exponentially. With our second anniversary approximating this July, we can’t help but look back to all we have accomplished.

As the app grows and our community becomes stronger, there comes a bigger responsibility to provide the best experiences to our users. As you all know, Clapper is an app that focuses on providing a short-form and livestream creators a space to make unique content and grow their communities organically and fairly.

The Beginnings of Clapper: Apple’s Small Business Program

Let’s take a look back. Clapper is known to be a startup created in 2020. As we launched Clapper, we were fortunate enough to be part of the “App Store Small Business Program” which provided us special benefits due to our fresh standing in the industry. This program allowed Clapper to charged 15% less for in-app transactions for a startup Application like us. Due to this fact, Clapper shared this benefit to our creators compared to all the other social media companies. 

After a year, due to our growing app-usage, Clapper will no longer be qualified as a part of this program. Apple increased their in-app purchase percentages by 15%, that means since April 2022, Apple took 30% percentage, the rest of the 70% we share half with the creators. We only charged the small cut to cover our high operation and server bandwidth costs. Even through we are still losing money, we want to make sure we share the most percentage to our creators compared to other social media platforms meanwhile providing the fastest withdrawal, the best service and lowest delay on live streaming & short video.

We want to stay transparent with all our amazing creators. We will still keep the Clapper’s cut exactly the same, which is lower compared to other platforms. That way we make sure we support our creators the best way we can. 

What In-app Purchases Will this New Update Affect?

  • It will only affect diamond exchange rate. In other words, since April, whenever you cash out your coins, Apple and Google are taking 30% percentage now.
  • It won’t affect in-app coin purchase, livestream gifting, Clapper Fam tiers or the Clapper shop in any way. Everything in that department will remain the same.
  • We recommend our community, to bid your cards and earn bonus every time you top up coins.

You can check more facts about 30% percentage tax Apple is taking from here:

No one can escape the Apple Tax

Apple is facing rage and insurrection from developers over the commission it charges apps on the App Store

If you have any doubts or questions about the new diamond exchange rate, feel free to DM @Clappercreator or @ClapperAcademy and we will answer all of your concerns.

One thought on “Clapper Announcement: Diamond Exchange Rate Change

  1. I think it was YOUR CHOICE , to work with Apple and become an app , to split 50/50 the 70 percent your left with leaves us creators with only 35% of what we are earning , thats pennies of the gifts the fans are buying and it’s not fair and will lose a lot of business on this app , if you guys took a smaller percentage , and gave the creators more and also didn’t have a minimum to cash out more people may not be as angry

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