Clapper Sounds Presents: Open Mic Night

The Clapper Sounds initiative was born earlier this year. Because of this, we’ve been able to highlight the deserving talent of Clapper. After a lot of consideration, we decided to amplify more voices than just musicians. After all, we are looking for the sounds of Clapper. We want to proudly announce the first Clapper Open Mic Night. This event will invite artists and performers from all styles to an evening filled with talented performances. We want to see music, comedy, poetry, and all talented individuals in one single livestream!

The Event Details🎙

The event will happen Friday, April 29th from 5pm to 7pm CT. Each participant will have a 5-minute slot to perform a music, poetry, or comedy set. This is an “Open” Mic night, so anyone can perform. All they have to do is go sign in on our calendar link to book their slot. This will have listed all our available time-slots. So, hurry up and get your place in this amazing event.

The Judges👩🏻‍⚖️

Clapper Sounds will be the host of this event. After each performance, the judges will talk amongst each other in private and write down their scores. At the end of the event, Clapper Sounds will bring up all three judges on by one and ask them to announce the winners of the Clapper Open Mic Night. Our three judges will be:

The Prizes🏆

There will be three prices for the best performances. We want participants to have fun and do their best. The most creative, talented and devoted performances will have the opportunity to win any of these prizes.

First Place: Full Clapper Merch!

Second Place + Third Place: Clapper Hat + Clapper Stickers.

All participants: Free Clapper Stickers.

Don’t forget to sign in, since the spots will fill up fast! We will see you all the show, bring your best attitude and talent!

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