Mother’s Day Campaign Announcement 2022

Time flies by. A year ago, we were organizing our first Clapper campaign: Mother’s Day. It was the biggest event we had held at that point. This year will not be any different. The community of moms we have on Clapper deserve all the praise in the world. Not only for being amazing creators, but also because they amazing moms too. For this Mother’s Day Campaign, we are planning lots of challenges, games and appreciation content for all the moms of Clapper.

This event will take place from May 2nd to May 8th.

“Call Your Mom” Challenge☎️

When was the last time you called your mother mister/missy? For this mother’s day challenge, we want all creators to call their mom to tell her how much she means to you. If you can, record the call and get her unfiltered reaction on camera. We will choose a random video under this hashtag and gift a lucky mom 500 Clapper coins. 

“MomFails” Awards 🥇

Share with us one of your funniest moments as a mom. The three funniest videos will get a prize for “Best Mom Fails“. To win this contest, other Creators must clapback the “Mom fails video” and every clapback counts as a vote. In the end, the mom with the most Clapbacks will be deemed the winner.

What are the prizes?🏆

1st place: 5,000 Clapper Coins
2nd place: 3,000 Clapper Coins
3rd place: 1,000 Clapper Coins

Moms Of Clapper Panel💐

For our Clapper Talks radio of the week we will be turning our interview show into a panel of moms. We will have a conversation with hardworking talented creators, who are also mothers, and highlight them on their special day! We will release the list of panelist next week, so don’t miss the panel on Thursday, May 5th at 5pm CST through the Clapper Talks radio.

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