Mother’s Day 2021 Campaign Announcement

There is nothing like the bond between a mother and her children, and here, the Clapper fam wants to highlight that bond on our big celebration this Mother’s Day 2021.

Today, We are so excited to recognize all the mom creators who are not only successful content creators, but also successful mothers. It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you’re going, if you are a mom we got something very special in store for you!

And because mother’s day is so special and family is everything to us, we want to inform you on a few activities and fun surprises that will take place from May 6th to May 9th:

Mother’s Day Family Party🎊

It’s time to par-tay! Invite your family to join you on Clapper. We want to meet all the moms in your family and other relatives as well. Make an intro video and let us see where you come from. 

Shooting Clapback Solitaire 👏🏼

The goal here is creating the longest Clapback. Each family member must participate. Moms initiate the first video, then uncle clapbacks the video, then autie, then you. You get the idea! Let’s see who can create the longest Clapback.

Also, anyone you consider your family is welcome to participate, in Clapper we believe in family by blood and by heart.

What’s in it for our mom creators?🤔

Get gifts from us! 🎁

If you are a Mom, please be sure to write it in your bio in advance. We will give a surprise gift on Mother’s Day. Be sure to write it before May 9th and write it in English, “mom” or “mother” will be accepted, so our system recognizes it easily. 

Also, by putting “mom” in your profile, you are participating in a special giveway this Sunday. We will randomly pick 20 winners and they’ll get Clapper merchandise from us.

How can you participate in the Mother’s day fun?

Mother's Day 2021
Gift to mom

Use our hashtag #ClapperMom 💐

We encourage all creators to express love to their mothers through videos on Clapper under the hashtag #ClapperMom. Record your mom and tell us how special she is, we want to see all the tears and smiles. If you are a mother, you can show interactions with your children, vlogs about your family’s life and bring positive vibes to the community. If you are a craftsman, we encourage you to make Mother’s Day gifts. Mother’s Day related music is online in the music library, you can use it in your videos.

Family Livestream 🎙

Mom creators who enjoy livestreaming on Clapper are more than welcome to bring their family or children to the broadcast, interact with other families, and celebrate Mother’s Day with the Clapper fam in the broadcast room.

The Mother’s Day Live Gifts are launched on May 6th, so you can also browse them in the live broadcast room.

Make sure to also listen to our amazing Mother’s Day 2021 Playlist!

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