Clapper Culture Week: Creator Spotlight

Recently, I read that without memory there is no culture. We all come from different backgrounds and had different experiences growing up. When we share those experiences we are not just remembering or educating people about our culture, we are keeping that culture alive for generations to come. And this is precisely what we intend to do on Clapper Culture Week.

Clapper prides itself on being an international platform, where creators from all backgrounds have the opportunity to find their community. The Clapper Team decided to create Clapper Culture Week. We are such a diverse team originating from Turkey, the Philippines, Venezuela, India, and China. Because of this, we decided to highlight the variety of cultures we have within the app as well. Clapper Culture Week gives creators the opportunity to not only share where they are from but also learn from different cultures and backgrounds different than their own.

Throughout the week we have dived into our creator’s content and we were amazed to find so many different countries, religions, and languages being highlighted through the #Clappercultureweek hashtag. In this article, we want to pay a tribute to those creators who shared their culture with us this week. Without further ado, here are the creators that did an amazing job highlighting their culture this week!

Dominican Republic

For the Dominican Republic, @SweetGee showed us an amazing compilation video of DR. We love the delicious food, beaches, and places around the beautiful island.

Native American

@ChiefFallingCloud made this hilarious video of how Native auties show you how to cook!

The UK

We love the way @EmmaHuntArtist highlights UK landscapes through her paintings. This gives us a unique perspective of the UK countryside from Emma’s eyes.


@AmaraKitchen is an amazing cook. This week, she showed us one of her classic shawarma bowls that represent her middle eastern culture. So delicious!