Clapper Sounds With @Cmakfromseattle

For our 6th Clapper Sounds Interview, we are highlighting a true Clapper performer: Cmak!

Cmak is a talented rapper and songwriter on Clapper. He is a very popular performer on Clapper, who has participated as an entertainer in many Clapper events. We had an intimate Clapper Sounds interview with Cmak, where he shared his songwriting process, his beginnings as a musician, and his thoughts on balancing social media and music.

Clapper Sounds is meant to be an intimate musical experience, and we want that mission to translate into our written interviews too. As you read about Cmak, play their music in the background with our Spotify Playlist, and really get to know this artist’s unique sound.

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Let’s start from the beginning. What is your first memory of being involved with music? How did you start your artist journey?

I would probably say it was when I was a kid going to church and being in the choir with my uncle. That’s when I started singing. I started pursuing music as a career 3 years ago and that’s when I started taking it seriously. Actually, I never really recorded anything for years until I heard some quality sound through my producer. I realized I could actually do it, so I started getting into the professional studios more.

How would you describe your musical style? Who are your biggest inspirations? 

To be honest I don’t really know. That’s a huge problem in Seattle. We don’t really have any trademark style. It’s hard to tell what my style of music is, but is definitely a mixture of west coast and trap. What made me choose the style of music that I wanted to create was the different artists I listened to. However, I still wanted to create my own sound and vibe. My favorite artist right now is Gucci Man.

What is your songwriting process like?

Before I ever touch the music at all I went to school with my producer. We lived in the same apartment. We would rap and stuff but I never recorded anything. Then, we fell off and 3 years ago he reached out to me and said he had some equipment that he had gotten and he wanted me to go to the studio and lay something down.

I don’t really write until I get to the studio. Unless a whole pack of beats has been sent to me. I base what I write off the vibe that I have at the time. I have to get to the studio and listen to the beat. Once I write based on how I am feeling, I’ll go to the booth and start saying stuff. Eventually, something will stick and I’ll write it down.

What are your thoughts on content creation as an artist? How do you feel about artists having to balance their social media presence and still be committed to their art?

It’s a pretty tough balance. You need to be willing to spend all the time you have on it. A lot of people think that you just make a little quick track and just put it on Spotify and it’s just going to reach people. There’s a lot of grind when it comes to marketing your music correctly. There are thousands of talented artists so you got to really pitch yourself well. All it takes is 2 to 3 seconds to scroll to the next song.

Do you have any side hustles other than music?

Besides music, I just do the influencer thing. I do have my painting business still, but right now I put all on hold to do social media. I feel like I am heading in the right direction.

Deciding to be an artist can have its ups and downs. What advice would you give to that young artist who is just getting into music and their dream is to be a musician?

You gotta be consistent. Don’t listen to anybody. Continue to grind and you gotta be willing to invest in yourself. Invest in marketing and make sure you own your music.

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