The Ultimate Creator Guide Pt 2: Creating Unique Content

In our last creator guide, we provided the starter pack for becoming a creator. From that first post to customizing your profile. The first step towards being a creator is just going ahead and doing it. Now that you have your account set up, it’s time to fill that profile with unique content to attract your community.

Create Your Own Concept💭

In the first part of the guide, you decided what content you wanted to make and found your “niche”. What comes next is the fun part. Before hitting that record button, you should already be familiar with the tone of your videos, and what you want to convey to your audience. Practice in front of the camera a few times until you find your voice. You can decide a few things, as you check the results of your takes:

  • Do I want to make a script for my videos or do I want to stay spontaneous?
  • Is there a catchphrase I want to use at the beginning of all my videos? Ex: “Good morning Clapper Fam!” or “Hey beautiful people”
  • Is my tone funny? Inspiring? Informational? Casual?
  • Will I do it in one take or will I use fun transitions?
  • Do I record the video in app or record and edit outside of the app?

Whatever you decide, it should align with your personality and your brand. Remember, do what feels natural to you. After understanding how you are going to format your videos, it’s time to understand your value. How is your content going to entertain, help or enrich your community? Remember, Clapper is all about community.

Examples of video concepts:

  • Highlighting the news
  • Comedy Bits
  • Playing original music
  • Doing song covers
  • Daily vlogs
  • Mom life
  • Tarot readings
  • Daily inspirational quotes
  • Workout routines
  • Traveling videos
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Farm life

Pick a concept or build your own. The most important part is that you choose a concept and make it your own. Think about how you can turn a simple concept into something unique.

Ex: I want to start doing makeup tutorials. I’m also pretty funny. While I do my makeup, I will tell comedy skits as I transition into different layers of the makeup. Once I show the final look, I will also tell the punch line of the joke.

Find The Right Tools💡

Aside from making unique content, you should make good quality content. Here are a few ways how:

Lighting: Lighting is extremely important. You want your audience to get clear and high-quality videos. Make sure that if you are not going to be purchasing a ring light, you have always natural light or accent lamps highlighting your face or what you are doing in the video.

Audio: You don’t have to have a mic to be successful on Clapper. The most important thing is that you record in a quiet place where you can clearly hear yourself. If you plan to record outdoors or you want to narrate as you go, then it might be the best choice to buy a mic to connect to your phone. We have a $13 option in our “Essential Recording Tools Under $25“.

Editing program: Clapper content doesn’t require you to edit your videos too much. We encourage creators to be themselves without too much fuss. However, transitions and a nice touch of editing never hurt nobody. We found these 13 video editing apps to help you edit your videos. Best part? They are all free.

Choose Your Top Features🎙

Our features are here to support your video content. If you make videos singing your original songs, maybe you could do a regular Livestream where you write a song live with recommendations from your audience. The options are limitless. To learn how to manage each feature check the links below:

Post consistently🗓

Consistency is the key to content creation. It’s not about how many times you post, it’s about choosing the days you can and posting consistently on those days. Set your schedule and follow it. There is a schedule in part one of this guide. We recommend creators on Clapper to post every single day, but it really should be whenever you can genuinely do it. We believe that in social media, it should be quality over quantity every single time.

Involve your community👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

A call to action is always a good way to gain interaction with your content. Find a unique way to get your community to participate in your videos, livestreams, or radios. Make a challenge weekly or ask your followers thought-provoking questions that align with your brand. Keep this open communication with your audience and you will see growth automatically. Here’s an example:

Show The Real You🧡

You are already unique. So, find those traits that make you stand out and show them in your videos. Make sure that you are not unauthentic because your community will have a radar at their hand to call you out when you don’t show your true self.

Now that you know how to create unique content, go start creating!

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