Father’s Day Campaign Announcement 2022

What would the world be without its good ol’ dad jokes? You’re right. Probably, a really sad world. As Father’s Day comes closer, we cannot wait to show you what we have planned. We admire all the Clapper dads who still make time for their little ones at home, aside from creating content. Father’s Day will be a big celebration that you cannot miss out on. If you are a dad on Clapper, make sure you know all the activities we got planned for this Father’s Day campaign.

Dad Joke Competition🎭

A good dad joke can brighten anyone’s day. For this competition, Clapper dads will make a video telling their favorite Dad Jokes to their community. We are looking for the cheesiest and funniest dad jokes in your repertory, so get creative with it. The best three dad jokes will get Clapper Coins and will be announced as the winners the following Monday. Creators must Clapback the dad joke video that they like the most to cast their vote. The dad with the most Clapbacks on their videos will be deemed the winner.


1st place: 1,000 Clapper Coins
2nd place: 500 Clapper Coins
3rd place: 250 Clapper Coins

Dads Of Clapper: Clapper Talks Panel🎙

As we did on Mother’s Day, we are doing a panel of dads instead of our regular Clapper Talks Radio. The panel will take place on Thursday, June 16th at 5pm CST and will last for two hours. On it, we will highlight some of our best dad creators on the platform. The lineup for this panel includes:

  • Ignatius_Riley
  • Spr..ing
  • Sandman_
  • BeardMaster3000

Blogs for Father’s Day Week✍🏼

  • Announcement of activities
  • Playlist for Father’s Day
  • Highlighting 5-10 dads on the Father’s Day blog
  • “10 perfect gifts for Clapper Dads 2022”

Remember to use our hashtag #FathersDay and #DadJokes when creating your Father’s Day Content.

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