6 Perfect Gifts For Father’s Day From Clapper Creators

Have you bought your gifts for Father’s Day? No? That’s okay. We know life gets busy, but we always want to take time to appreciate our dads and the dads around us for loving us unconditionally since we were born. We want to help you out and get your dad the perfect gift. It’s not about how much it costs or how big it is, this is about the intention behind it. So, if you completely forgot about Father’s Day this Sunday, and you are all out of ideas, we are here to help you.

Aside from our exciting Father’s Day campaign, we have curated 6 gift ideas for clapper creators to get their dads for this holiday. Check them out and remember: It’s all about showing them love and appreciation on their special day.

1. Wahtie Woodturning Handmade Pens

This online shop is owned by Clapper creator, @Wahtie_woodturning. His small business includes hardwood ornaments, bowls, whiskey bottle stoppers, and pens. If your dad is an office guy, you can also customize your pen specially for your him to sign those documents with style. Buy here.

2. Custom Knifes and Blades

BourneCnSProductions is one of the most popular blacksmith shops on Clapper. If your dad is into knives, what better gift than customize his own unique knife. Wheter you are a chef or you like to be outdoors, there is a knife for everyone. Go check them out at their Clapper shop.

3. Dad Picture Frames and Keychains

Good memories can sometimes be the best gift. @Dr.Resin, a Clapper creator, is making the cutest dad resin frames, so you can put your favorite picture with your dad in it. Also, you can get her cute shiny “I love Dad” keychain, for a smaller gift. Buy here.

4. The Ultimate Beard Self-Care Kit

For all our bearded gentleman, this one is for you. Mysteelwool is a Clapper creator that “makes and sells premium, natural beard care products such as beard oils, beard balms, beard washes, combs, brushes and more”. You can buy their products sepparately or you can buy their amazing kits to pamper your dad the way he deserves. Buy here.

5. The Best Dad T-Shirts

You can’t go wrong with 0nly Pan’s specia’ Father’s Day t-shirts. They’re amazing for proud girl or boy dads or simply for a sexy “dad bod” highlight. Also, go to their website and check their amazing recipes for a nice Father’s Day dinner ideas.

6. The Veteran’s Ranch Father’s Day Special

Last but not least, we have a very touching final option for Father’s Day. If you know of any dads who are veterans this might be the coolest gift you can give them. The Veterans Ranch is dedicated to help families of veterans through equestrian therapy. The best part of it is that every purchase helps to save veterans lives. They also have a 20% off special for Fathere’s day. Dont miss out on a great gift and a great cause behind it.

Ultimately, buy your dad what you know he will like best. If any of these ideas sparked your interest, support a small business and buy your dad’s gift in any of these shops. Make sure you participate in our Father’s Day Activities.