Deep Dive Series: Father’s Day Edition

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we decided to shake things up. We had a very special Father’s Day Panel with four amazing dads here on Clapper: @Ignatius_Riley, @Beardmaster3000, and @Sandman

At this special Deep Dive Series, we talked to four dads about fatherhood, the good, the bad, and the balance of it all. We are so humbled to have learned from these amazing men who not only are incredible dads, but also talented creators on Clapper. In this Deep Dive, we got to know their experiences and learned important lessons about fatherhood.

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Let’s get to know each other. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your content on Clapper.

@Sandman: I’m in my 40s and my oldest is 24, my youngest is 12, and in that mix there are 5 boys and 3 girls. My contenrt on Clapper is me talking about my day, but what I mostly do is lives where we listen to music, hang out and have fun.

@Beardmaster3000: I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I actually turned 35 on the 18th. I have 3 kids who are all teenagers now, and I’ve been married for almost 17 years. For my content I like to post about comedy, but I like to insert faith and politics into my comedy as much as possible.

@Ignatius_Riley: I’m in between their two ages. I’m pretty lighthearted when it comes to my content. I do a lot of the dad jokes with my daughter. It’s been a great experienc for the family. I’m just trying to make people smile and feel good.

@Spring: I have 5 boys who are all grown up. When it comes to content I’m a singer so that’s what you are going to get. I was part of the savage games. The other thing that I do is jump in and out of some lives and sing the songs people request. I also spread positivity through the app.

What is something you wish they had told you before becoming a dad?

@Spring: What they shoul’ve told us is that there wer going to be sleepless nights, not getting enough sleep. As they get older, they actually get worse. Every father feels their own way and bonds their own way with their children.

@Beardmaster3000: When I was younger and my kids were little kids, the amount of time that you put into work making the money that you need. Its better to not do that. It’s better to spend that time with your kids.

@Ignatius_Riley: I so agree with you, Ben. I didn’t see my kids because I was working a lot of long hours. It was bad, I wish I could take it back. When we moved to Colorado that changed. More than anything I wished I was told, for me, it was more about what do you do? I was just blown away. You get this kid and you get no instructions. And you just stare at them. You get home and you tell yourself: I feel so under-qualified.

@Sandman: My kids have been the source of my biggest joy and my biggest pain. For me, it was understanding that your investment in them is purely for them and your job is to have a ceiling high enough that they can become the best versions of themselves. Your ceiling is their floor and they watch everything you do. Its doing everything in your power to make sure they are okay through the highs and lows.

What is the example you want to set for your kids through your content?

@Sandman: Before Clapper I was never really myself in any social media. I didnt care about results and I was just there for a social outlet. Clapper was the first time I was authentically me. I share about being a trucker, talk about my day and sing songs. My kids have said that is very cool to see the success that you can have when you’re just yourself and you do what makes you happy.

@Ignatius_Riley: I was really cautious when I got on social media. Then, I started doing so many goofy stuff. My dad was the most sarcastic person, but for other people he never showed that. I was goofy with my immediate family, but once I started doing it on social media I loved it. However, I always tell my kids to never put anything on social media that they don’t mean. I just tell them to be careful. But I have been so happy being goofy and putting myself out there. It has made my life so much better.

@Spring: My kids have all fled the nest. But I think what it was is that I started content creating before I even came on Clapper. They had already saw me making comedy videos on another app and they loved it. I switched to Clapper to post my music content. I express myself through singing and also like to create and make memories and my kids know that.

@Beardmaster3000: I’ve been on Clapper for almost two years now. This is the first social media where I put content of myself and when people liked it I felt more comfortable posting myself. When it comes to my kids, what they see as far as me being a content creator is everything since they were born in technology. I want them to see that if you are creating content there is going to be people that love you and people who hate you. You have to be willing to accept all and you also have to respect them. There are real people out there with real feelings, so I hope my kids are careful about how they act on social media.

What Is the most rewarding part of being a dad and what is the most challenging?

@Beardmaster3000: They are both the same thing. It’s preparing your kids to be able to go into the world on their own and once they’re gone you no longer get to have a say. Being able to prepare the is both rewarding and scary.

@Sandman: The most rewarding part is watching them become their own human and seeing yourself or your spouse in them. It’s also terrifying because they are growing up. I agree with Ben, watching them develop their personality and become their own human is the most rewarding.

@Ignatius_Riley: I would say the best part is seeing them flourish and the hardest part for me is when you are trying to help them but sometimes you cant because you don’t know how. That’s the realistic part of being a dad.

@Spring: I agree. Being able to watch them rise on their own and watch them grow into adults is the most satisfying thing for me. For me, the most important part is that they are happy.

What advice would you give to new dads who want to become creators on social media? 

@Beardmaster3000: Put your kids on camera, you’ll get more views. (Laughs) I don’t know. For me, you can’t be a good father if you don’t leave anything for yourself. Having social media allows me to take care of myself and it’s my outlet, that way I have the energy to take care of my kids.

@Ignatius_Riley: Ben nailed it for me. It’s been a process for all of us to enjoy it. I think as parents you go through different cycles. when you become parents you have friends that want you to party and you can’t. But on social media, when you take care of yourself and make friends and connections you feel better in real life.

@Sandman: Advice I would give any new dad is just be real. If you are going to do social media, find people that are in the same place you are and experience it together. Have a blast.

@Spring: Yeah, I was going to say something very similar. Just be real and be the person that you are within your own family. So, when they come on to your social media they recognize who you are and what your are about.

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