Clapper Turns 2: Birthday Announcement

On July 22, 2020, Clapper was born. After two years, thousands of creators, and many fun events, Clapper has become the home of a tight community with valuable content and purpose. For our second-year anniversary, we have planned a celebration for all Clapper creators. We will have fun games, Birthday Livestream events, and many more surprises.

Come join us next week to celebrate Clapper’s 2nd Anniversary!

Clapper Birthday Livestream🎂

It’s not a celebration without a Livestream party! The Clapper team will host a 2-hour Livestream event on the day of our birthday Friday, July 22. The Livestream will go from 5pm to 7pm CST. You can expect a game show testing creators’ knowledge of the app, surprise giveaways, and special performances (Comedy acts, concerts, and magic tricks).

The Lineup

Welcome Lobby
Introduce our Clapper Game Show
Game Show Pt. 1
1st Performance: Standing Like Statues
Game Show Pt. 2
2nd Performance: Handy.Mandy
Game Show Pt. 3
3rd Performance: MagicTrickNick
Game Show Pt. 4
4th Performance: CmakFromSeattle
Happy Birthday Cake

Clapper Jeopardy Game Show🎲

Throughout the Birthday Livestream, we will be playing a Clapper Jeopardy Game Show. This game will test creators on how much they really know about Clapper. The winners will get limited edition Clapper merch. We will have five Categories:

  • Features
  • The Clapper Team
  • Glitches of Clapper
  • Our History
  • Clapper Campaigns

ClapperTalks: Anniversary Podcast🎙

You think you know the Clapper Team? Think again. Instead of our Clapper Talks radio interview, we will host an Anniversary Podcast on July 21 at 5pm cst. We’ll be spilling the tea and going down memory lane on all Clapper-related topics and events. We will talk about all our campaigns, how we came up with them, our first impressions of the app, and much more. The audience will also come up and ask us questions about Clapper.

Clapper Rewind⏮

Let’s hit the rewind Clapper creators! We have a very special surprise coming your way. On our birthday, July 22, make sure to stay on the lookout for the Clapper Rewind. This is a surpise gift from us to the creators to celebrate our birthday with us.

#ThenVsNow Challenge⏰

The #ThenVsNow hashtag is a challenge to go back to your Clapper origins. Clapback the first video you ever made on Clapper.Show your community how long you’ve been on Clapper and how much you’ve changed since you started this journey.

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